Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi peeps! Sorry for the delay in posting, I got sidelined by a stomach flu Friday and I have also had to get a start on my taxes. I hope to get some delayed projects up soon. I did manage to figure out how to make an animated GIF over the weekend -- It is my first ( yes, I am a bit chuffed LOL ) :D

If you would like to help "Spread the Fred" please take this badge and put it somewhere on your site. Simply, click on the "Want this Badge?" link under the badge and follow the instructions at the Word of Blog site.



Rosemary said...

Oh she looks too cute on my blog!!

Anita said...

I love having a hot link for your store.

Unknown said...

Super cute! Great job on figuring out how to do that!

Digital Tuesday Challenge

Andrea said...

Looks good - put it up on my blog too.

Mada said...

Congratulations for your first animation. :) Keep up the good work!

I grabbed it at once and put it on my blog - you know I'm in love with the mermaid. :D


minerva said...

oh how cute. I've put spread the Fred on my blog & I'm following you again - lost my puter bookmarks and had (shamefaced) forgotten bout you til I found some foldy flowers... but I'm back!!