Sunday, November 15, 2009


If you have my Fred She Said badge ( that has "want this badge?" written under it ( hosted on Word of ) PLEASE REMOVE it! I overrid my malware scanner and attempted to delete the badge and my account but ARGGGH! the gif is still showing up on people's blogs and now goes to a blank page ( Not my site) and still trips up Mr. Malware ( the site is "tagged"). ARGGh! I doubt if anything bad will happen but now it is BROKEN.

Either use the old NEW Logo from THIS POST

Or grab my new blinkie code! :D While in your blog LAYOUT area, add a "HTML/Java Script" GADGET and copy and paste the whole code below and click SAVE. Then move the new gadget to where you want it in your blog layout, click SAVE.

NOTE if you are viewing via email or feed, this code box above might not show up ( the gif will show instead) ... please go to my blog to get it.

This is what the blinkie will look like:


I am so sorry for this MESS. I wrote WordofBlog a disgruntled letter ( mean face).

Unlike me, Have a great day!

:)* Fred


Jet said...
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Ria said...

OOkay Just changed it ;)
hugs Ria
Just wanted to let you know I made use of my giftcertificat that I won at Digital Tuesday a couple weeks ago :)
hugss Ria

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hello Dahlink,

Thanks so much for the new badge. That word of... is a baddie, hey? SO sorry for your techno-troubles and SO happy to have your badge back. I'm drooling over the dancing daisy & your other new things and bought a few. Can't wait to have a go at 'em! xox mel

Fern Kaehr said...
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