Monday, June 25, 2007

More Cards by Others :)

Here some more cards!

Here is one by Fran Nelson... love the blues!

A lovely red one by Lynda Jorgensen:

And a pretty card by Jean Jarvis:

All beautiful, ladies.... Well Done!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pet Portrait

I finished this painting tonight. I am so happy it is done LOL! This was a beloved dog of dear neighbours of my parents. The dog recently passed away. She was their baby, a wonderful dog, part Rottweiler. I hope they like it. Click the painting to enlarge. I painted from a scanned neighbourhood calendar so I had to basically fudge everything, highlights, eyes, background. They live right on the beach and the background is "me" remembering being there on their beach. Not too hard, I was raised a beach kid LOL! I loved living on Lake Ontario... except during smelt season...ewwww. The look of the water constantly changes. Here is the scan:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Webshots Fan's Cards!

Aren't these beautiful? I made a new friend through Webshots! :) Marion Evans and she lives near my neck of the woods LOL

She used some of my foldy flower tiles to make these cards! And she is now the happy owner of some more pretty little foldy flowers ;) Thanks so much for sharing these, Marion! She really made my day!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Butterflies DoodleDallion UM Sheet

I just received my UM for the Butterflies Doodle-dallion Set. Stamp Attack Art Stamps did a marvelous job on the rubber! I am excited to try them! I will try them out hopefully over the weekend and post my results. Stay tuned :) Click the above image and it will magically get bigger :)

FYI, the square medallion is 8.5 cm across ( 3 and 3/8"), 12 cm on the diagonal. The smaller butterfly and single flower are identical to the butterflies and flower in the medallion - to save on paper when stamping out, you don't have to stamp as many medallions this way. Am I THINKING or what?! LOL

I am going to attempt to make or find a box template and put the finished medallion on top, excellent gift box for wedding/shower, etc I am thinking. I am going to try this with vellum and white embossing.

Friday, June 01, 2007

More Cards by others :)

Boy I am getting carried away NOW! But I haven't posted for awhile so I am making up! Here are some awesome cards made by a teabag folding group I help moderate that has nurtured my papercrafting and designing obsession.

First Card is from Leo Thompson, my list mum, a wonderful bronze stamped confection! She used the medallion stamp from the Inked Impressions Paisley sheet set from Stamp Attack Art Stamps. Leo is a very special person in my life and I love her to bits, I am dedicating this stamp to her :)

Here is another gorgeous one from Carla van der Mei-Stolk, she told me she coloured the mulberry paper, love it.

Here is a beauty from Lynda Jorgensen that she made for her Mum. Wow!

How, did you say, or where did they get all these different colours of these medallions? They are my guinea pigs from a small, talented, intimate cardmaking group I help moderate LOL! I hope to offer these and many other designs soon as printables for purchase, info will made available soon ( hopefully LOL).


Please see this post that's down a few at April 27th - an update - The Butterfly Doodle-Dallions stamp sheet is available! Check it out :)

A Card by Joanne of TFT2

Here is a lovely card from Joanne Gelnar from a tea bag folding group I am a member of. She used my Weird Flower tile and the Sunshine Square Fold, a delightful, talented, generous Penny Wessenauer ( TFT2 moderator) made instructions for. Please check Penny's site out, that is where you can find the fold under Teabag Folds and Tips. This folds works so well with this tile, thanks Joanne!

If anyone has made a card or anything with any of my creations, I'd LOVE to see it :) Just send me a scan to ( just change the AT to @) and I'd love to post it here and/or at my webshots.

Flower tiles

Here are some doodled flower tiles I made a while ago. The center flower is available as a rubberstamp. As soon as I get more info, I'll post more info on the Butterfly Medallion Sheet available at Stamp Attack Art Stamps. :))))) I am excitedly waiting for the stamps to arrive, I'll post examples and a preview of the sheet soon. Now I just need to find time to play! ... the predicament of the papercrafts addict WAHM :(

Another Medallion Card

Here is another medallion flower card, this time in blue. The bitty flowers and all the blue swirl lines on background are embellished with stardust glitter pen and border was painted with sky blue twinkling H2O's.