Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am a bad blogger... Awards

I have received some lovely awards over the last few weeks. I am too ashamed to post them. It is not that I do not love receiving awards, it's the follow up that stresses me out. As you know, I have written before regarding rewards and tags. I really suck at it ( pardon the expression) LOL. I just can't pick the peeps I need to award. I'd love to award everyone I have met - and I hate imposing the choosing on anyone else. Honest, I was going to try it this time... sigh.

Thanks to all who have sent me awards but please next time, send me HUGS, k? I am sending all my awarders hugs ... I like hugging. grin.

I hope I didn't offend anybody... slunking off into the sunset. ....


TUTORIAL: Colouring a Medallion with Gradients in Paint Shop Pro

I finally got the Gradient Flood-Fill Colouring in PSP Tutorial done. I hope it is understandable LOL! You can download it HERE . The tutorial is a PDF so you will need Adobe Reader or equivalent to read it. Sorry, it is on 4shared, I looked at my bandwidth allotment for my regular free file hosting and it was getting up there and may blow over if I use it, that means people are DOWNLOADING... happy dance! If you have any problems with 4shared, you can email me and request the file and I will email it to you. You will need a squarish medallion or flower image to complete this tutorial.

Purchaser's of the Stained Glass Floral Doodledallion outline sheet: please request the single doodledallion image via my email , have your purchasing email handy and/or transaction ID. I will gladly send you the file if you want to try out this tutorial. In the future, if I put up any more medallions, I will be adding a single image as well as the decoupage outline sheet automatically.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Downloading, tutorial soon & Digi-Freebie

Happy Monday! Sorry no monster today and when I get a round tuit, I will tally up some more cards, verses and add some photos :)

But today was a tech support day!!!! LOL E-junkie DID have a hosting server issue yesterday so it was wonky for a bit but all is good now. PayPal... still wonky but won't bother you.... just ME. LOL I have email records of everything thank goodness. If you had issues with your download yesterday, please try again. If you have run out of tries, please email me and I'll fix you up.

I was asked how to colour the Doodledallion in PSP. So alas, a long overdue tutorial is in the works. I'll try to have it up this week. But here is a preview of what you can do by flood-filling with gradients in Paint Shop Pro. I expect you can do the same thing with other graphics editing software. Please feel free to use on your cards. I think you can get 4 to a sheet for printing.

Until we meet again..... :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paypal and download problems

PayPal has been acting wonky lately ( past few weeks). 50% of the time I can't log in and if I do, I can't access my account history or transaction details. This is not good for running a business. Also, I tried to do a download link test on a file I have for sale and I kept getting a "service unavailable" through my 5 download attempts. grr... It did eventually work. It might have been a temporary glitch. ... END of rant.

If you have any problems with the shopping cart or with your downloads please let me know, I will try to remedy ASAP.

Have a good day,
Fred, who's on her last frayed nerve with PayPal

Friday, July 18, 2008

Digi-Freebie: Pink & Mellow

Happy Friday! I have been flabbergasted at the goings on at Fred, She Said Designs. Thank you so much for your support. I am just so happy, I made a freebie for you :) To save space, the images are 100 ppi. Just click on each image to get the full size and save.

I threw the paper together as an afterthought, the background for it is a canned doodle pattern in PSP and a bitty doodled flower custom brush I drew many moons ago. This freebie just needed a backing paper to go with it :) Next week, I may continue this mellow flavour and make a set with a few of my favourite mellow colours and some more "thought out" papers LOL, it will also be a larger resolution than these.

If you have downloaded these, I would love it if you would leave a comment that you have "nabbed"! :)

Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

By Request : Plain Papers Digi-Freebie

A lovely person ( who enjoys Lace [lac-ay] cutting craft ... you know who you are :) ) emailed me and requested some plain papers to go with the Blossom Kits. She wanted to print them on the back-side of the patterned papers. You know, two-sided paper - so when you do your lace cutting, the color coordinates.

EDIT ( July 15 ) Janet Kay( bspruce on CoC ) made an exquisite example of Lace cutting. I am so glad you liked your plain papers, girlfriend (wink).

Anyhoo, maybe you all would like them. The colours coordinate with the Blue, Pink and Purple Fred's Flower v3 Blossom Kits for sale at the store. They are lightly textured and full sized 8.5x11" sheets 200 ppi resolution. Here are the swatches:

EDIT: Here is the new download link for these papers :) Have a lovely day, now get back to your crafting or blurfing!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monster 2 ( digi-freebie )

Please click image to enlarge and then save.

EDIT - the artist thought blacking out the mouth cavity was more aesthetically appealing ;)

( I don't have a card yet but will edit this post when I do ;) )

OK, peeps. This week's monster is a little gross-ning! ( That was the way us Canadian kids said gross back when I was Nolan's age LOL )

This is not the little friend monster I was refering to in a previous post, note to self - DO NOT ask a grumpy 10 soon to be 11 year old to redraw something he has ALREADY DRAWN bigger cuz it wouldn't scan well LOL!

This guy is "Goopy". He is so disgusting looking, he's cute! All I can think of is:

" When I am near you, I turn to a puddle of goo"

Same applies for this monster, email me or blog a card and Nolan gets 20 cents :) I will add them to the parade of cards at the top of my blog.

Or, if you can think of some witty verses to go with this one, please leave a comment. I will count it as a card ;) ( double cash points if witty saying is on a card LOL)

Thank you so much for all your comments, cards, and support! I am a puddle just like this guy (sniff)

Also, I hope to have something besides monsters to share, I promise. I've been drawing new stuff and colouring with my new Koh-I-Noor woodless pencils ; thanks Gina K!!! They rock. There will be new flowers, some revamped versions for stampers, a mermaid & friends, and some doodledallions I have been meaning to get ready since I started this wild ride!

Have a great day all!