Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Flowers & Sentiments

Hey all! stuff :)

I had a request for Fred's Flowers without black outlines.. I hope this will work :)  I made some Happy Flowers... in happy, bright rainbow colours! .. and some flower pots you can add your flowers to.

... and some digi flowers and pots too :)

... and some Uplifting Sentiments ( 22 in all!)

I am also working on some  digital cutting file stencils & masks.  The chevron pattern on the above card is a stencil I made that was sponged over with distress inks onto CS.  I'll be sharing the stencil soon once I get it converted to the various formats ;)  I kind of went stencil creation happy in anticipation of a Gelli Plate I ordered ( that is backordered at Curry's ack!).  I was excited for it's arrival and when it didn't come, I was sad... so I made my own out of Knox gelatin.  Just google "gelatin plate recipe" and you will find tons of resources :)  Emma and I had a blast playing with our homemade plate and acrylic paints.  They say the gelatin plate might last for a few weeks in the fridge... hopefully my Gelli Plate will arrive before it goes bad.  I'll have to fire up the camera and share some of the crazy prints we made. 

:)*  Fred