Monday, June 25, 2018

STORE UPDATE: Motorbikes & Colourful Ornaments and 20% continues!

Hey All! Happy Monday!

More things are now in the store :)

FYI - I also threw in a LAVENDER ONE!  I plan to make a card and will post this week :)

OH those pre-coloured Christmas Ornaments? Yup, they are FINALLY in the store!  A WHOLE WHACK of them.

oh and before I forget...

Get 20% OFF entire order is back until JULY 2nd!  Use code JUNE20 at checkout.

... and, just in case you didn't know... there are more things FRED at my




Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Store UPDATE - African Violets

Hi all!

Wow, almost a year has passed! What?!  Don't ask... sigh.  But slow and steady wins the race.  Actually I am practicing the art of getting stuck in... show up and do something even if it doesn't feel like you are ever going to get there.  Every little bit leads somewhere even if it looks like a failure you have gold because you have learned something from it.  When you are rusty... everything seems to take 4ever!  Like you have to relearn what came easy before.  But I have faith, it will all come back and become more efficient.  Anyway before I wax philosophical too much more LOL....

Here is a long overdue store update!  And a SALE!  Use JUNE20 code to get 20% your entire order.

Click below to go to the store:

African Violets! See below for some cards made with the pre-coloured set.  I will post later this week with my fun watercolouring with the DIGI set!

African Violets COL SET:

-includes bonus papers!

African Violets DIGI Set:

Both sets include ready-to-print sheets with all the elements ready to color and cut out.

Here are some cards made with the African Violets COL Set with Bonus Papers :)

 I have rediscovered Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium... it adds a lovely glimmer to the flowers and I also sponged some medium through my Blossoms Stencil onto the printed paper... You can't see it in the photo but WOW! Sentiment is from Sparkle N Sprinkle - my Bearded Iris Set.

This one I sponge gold acrylic paint onto the paper with the same stencil.

You can even assemble \"wreaths" with the single violets.  When I created the images I could only use my imagination on how they were going to work out as a border or wreath.  I was so happy with the result when I could finally print, cut and assemble.  :D  Sentiment is from Sparkle N Sprinkle - my Happy Flowers Set.

I have more items in the works.  I will be uploading my version of the pre-coloured Christmas Ornaments in a set, and some NEW THINGS!

Have a great day!