Friday, August 31, 2007

50th POST - Digi-Freebie - Flower Doodle-dallion Decoupage Sheet

Wow, I made 50 posts. :) Here's to 50 more ;) And this post makes 51... I am on my way LOL!

In celebration, here is a 3D Decoupage Sheet, in my favourite colour, purple.

Doodle-dallion Flower Printable PDF DOWNLOAD

BTW, if you think this would make a good medallion rubberstamp, please comment; it may show up on a future UM Sheet :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dancing Daisy Card + Digi-Freebie

Yes, I know, Fred has been lax in posting. I made this card, it took me a good part of 2 days LOL! Good old Tracey usually has to overthink and stress and fuss over cards, that is why I don't get many done ( that and the need for a chunk of good uninterrupted time which doesn't happen with a house of 5 year olds, toddlers and a 10 yr old son who is constantly asking for the computer - and FOOD).... is this a problem that any of you face, not the kids, but overthinking cards? It could be that I am a perfectionist; if I can't do it perfect or how I think it should be, I tend to "not do it" or procrastinate LOL. Part of my overthinking may stem from lack of a good variety of crafting supplies... My philosophy was bred from a lack of extra monetary funds.... make do or make it up yourself. If I have my computer/digital tablet/paper and a printer full of ink... I am a happy girl .

Anyhoo.... card details:
2 prints of my Dancing Daisy ( then 3d decoupaged the flower and leaves, they are bent and angled.)
Print of my Luscious Chocolat digital paper.
Print of a beige striped paper I made in PSP.
Black CS for matting.
Made a cream strip in PSP and used QK Paige font to create Happy Birthday.
Some pink jewel flowers.... that fell off my DD's Dollarama hair clips - HONEST! LOL.
Polka-dot ribbon.... from American Crafts

All the pieces were put on one sheet of paper. I HATE wasting paper. LOL Thus, I have made a digi-freebie with all the elements I used. It is US letter-sized and background papers are sized for a 1/4 fold card.

Dancing Daisy Card Printable DOWNLOAD

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday... and a Dancing Daisy

Happy Monday! uggh. 3 more weeks left providing childcare, one more week until school starts and one of the babies came to my door this morning with a rip roaring cold! .... and so the cycle begins.....

On a happier note, here is a doodle design up for rubberstamp consideration LOL! My little happy dancing daisy :) Oh happy times.... and in a happy pink... do regular garden variety daisies come in pink? Alot must be said for artistic license LOL!

Fred shall attempt to make a card today.... she is at the whim of her daycare kids and her temperamental printer seems to be in the clogging mood as of late. This flower and my chocolate paper are beckoning me to "marry" them.

Have a happy Monday all!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Foldy Flower Card from Cathy Noble

Oh thank you, Cathy for giving me something to blog! Isn't this pretty? I love paper embroidery. She used the Foldy Flower tile and she also made the neat background paper from it. I have sent Cathy some more foldy flowers to play with, check your email, Cathy ;).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Digi-Freebie #4 - Patterned Paper

Please click image to enlarge and save

Yippee! We have reached the half-way point, folks! Over 2,500 hits! Thanks so much, everyone for your support and visits!!

OK, OK, I know it is the same paper but in different colours! LOL I'll try for some more originality next week LOL! I like this one.... in chocolate, my favourite.

Let's discuss: Aero ( with the bubbles), Hershey or Dairy Milk? Dark or Milk chocolate? Personally, I am a Dairy Milk girl... but I have been known to savour the "bubbles" LOL.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Digi-Freebie #3 - Patterned Paper

Please click on image to enlarge and save.

More patterned paper, expect another one tomorrow :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Digi-Freebie #2 - Patterned Paper

Please click image to enlarge and save.

Here is another paper. Look out for another one tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Digi-Freebie - Patterned Paper

Please click image to enlarge and save.

Here is a paper I created from a doodle I did today( in one of its various incarnations LOL). It is reduced a bit in size and compression to save bandwidth but it should comfortably print to a full letter sheet. I made a gazillion papers today, just wait till you see what else I made - they are REALLY COOL... but you will have to wait until tomorrow ;) This could get addictive....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dover Stained Glass - Coloured

I coloured a Dover Stained Glass image. I love the Dover Stained Glass, especially the butterflies!

If there are any Painter users reading this, FYI, I mainly use the tinting brushes on a gel layer to colour in - soft glazing round and the blender - using several layers for glazing.

Want I do with these is print several on good quality photo paper ( matte looks awesome) and do a 3d decoupage technique, angle the wings a bit to make them flutter off the card :) Please click image to enlarge.

Another note re: getting good print results: I have bought Staples brand matte premium paper - it has a good weight to it and gives vibrant colours and dark blacks with my dye-based Epson photo printer. I hope I can find this paper again when my stash gets low LOL!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Card by Joanne Gelnar

Joanne saves the day! I needed something to post today LOL! Joanne never fails to impress me with her cards. Just beautiful!!! Here is the posting with the tile she used:

Flower Thingies

Now see, I wrote this at the time:

"Flowery I don't know what thingies. I'm not sure if they would make good tiles or not but I just like looking at them LOL." April 3, 2007

LOL! They look pretty good with this fold.... Sunshine Square :) Thanks, Joanne!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Digi-Freebie - Watercoloured Marble Papers

In my effort for a posting a day, here is some stuff from my vault LOL. Please click images for full high resolution images - they are huge! Digitally marbled papers suitable for background papers and for ripping and tearing LOL!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Doodled Tiles

These are a little wild LOL! Not the style I am trying to go for but they are quite dramatic - usually I have no idea what is going to come out of my pen.... always a surprise! The tiles made from the original have an asian or celtic feel I think.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Wow I am up 500 hits since I started this challenge! Thanks everyone! The hits have stalled since yesterday, if you can help me out by commenting on the message link below if you have mentioned my link/challenge in a blog/forum/group/friend etc.

Doodle-dallion and Digital Blog Candy

OR I'd love any tips on increasing blog traffic.. I have read some tips, confused by some tips and have realized some techniques aren't compatible with Blogger. One tip, I know is important, is to blog regularly LOL! Come Septmber, I will have more free time to devote to creative endeavors and to post more goodies! I am quitting providing childcare and taking a part-time job which will leave several days/week free to create and paint. I CAN"T WAIT!!!! LOL I will miss all the little ones in my care but my own kids have a burnt out mom who is not much good to them at the moment.

My original goal for the challenge was 1000 hits then I drank too much coffee ROFL and said 5000. Silly me! I will give it a week and see what transpires ;) and consider lowering it to 2000.

Doodled Tiles

A tile I painted last night. Then I played and made some TB tiles. If I get some play time today, I want to make some soft coordinating background papers. Speaking of backgrounds, I found these on a group; TWO very handy internet tools for us papercrafters ;)

Stripe Generator

Tartan Maker

OK some TB Tiles: please click images to enlarge :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Doodle-dallion and Digital Blog Candy

Here is a low-rez pink version plus a tea-bag tile for your enjoyment :) I would like to get my visitor count over 5000 LOL. So I would like to make you an offer. Help spread the love... mention my blog on a group or to a friend :) If you do, please leave me a comment on this message, why you love papercrafting and possibly a colour combo request to colour this doodle ( I frequent the Stampin Up Color Combo thingy if that is a help ;) ) Now, originally, I had this set to collecting your email to send you a supahsekret link to an album of hi-rez images of this doodle-dallion in many hues plus some other goodies LOL, but then I thought... that sounds like alot of work. SO I WILL WORK IT THIS WAY.... ONCE I GET 5000 HITS, *** I WILL POST A DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ALL LOL!!!


Doodle-dallion Card

I made this card last week for a friend. It is from a doodle I did the week before. The medallion is 7 layers :O .... and was too heavy ...kept tipping card over...hence photographed on its back LOL! It reminded me of a elaborate tiered cake ...which got me thinking... ( LOL maybe a doodle-dallion cake in the future?).