Saturday, August 25, 2007

Digi-Freebie #4 - Patterned Paper

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Yippee! We have reached the half-way point, folks! Over 2,500 hits! Thanks so much, everyone for your support and visits!!

OK, OK, I know it is the same paper but in different colours! LOL I'll try for some more originality next week LOL! I like this one.... in chocolate, my favourite.

Let's discuss: Aero ( with the bubbles), Hershey or Dairy Milk? Dark or Milk chocolate? Personally, I am a Dairy Milk girl... but I have been known to savour the "bubbles" LOL.


Anonymous said...

Great papers Tracey - thanks very much.

As for chocolate - no contest - Lindt milk chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Cool papers!

Always Dove Dark Chocolates for me!

Jen from CofC