Friday, August 03, 2007

Doodle-dallion and Digital Blog Candy

Here is a low-rez pink version plus a tea-bag tile for your enjoyment :) I would like to get my visitor count over 5000 LOL. So I would like to make you an offer. Help spread the love... mention my blog on a group or to a friend :) If you do, please leave me a comment on this message, why you love papercrafting and possibly a colour combo request to colour this doodle ( I frequent the Stampin Up Color Combo thingy if that is a help ;) ) Now, originally, I had this set to collecting your email to send you a supahsekret link to an album of hi-rez images of this doodle-dallion in many hues plus some other goodies LOL, but then I thought... that sounds like alot of work. SO I WILL WORK IT THIS WAY.... ONCE I GET 5000 HITS, *** I WILL POST A DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ALL LOL!!!



Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

These doodle tiles are amazing Tracey! You have a remarkable talent. I admire you tremendously! All the cards you've showcased using these tiles are fabulous! What an inspiration!!
xxooxx Penny

Anonymous said...

Tracey as far as I am concearned you are the bees knees. A very talented lady. I love all your tiles and doodle-dallions without fail, love your work to bits, may you go far
love and respect for all you do and all you have shared

Anonymous said...

These tiles & cards are great you are so talented I am proud to know you. Hugs Kat

Anonymous said...

To be so talented is a blessing. You are a true artist!

Anonymous said...

Tracey I am your number one fan. You are so talented. I just love when I use a rubber stamp designed by you and manufactured by Stamp Attack. I have never known a real life stamp designer before.
I look forward to your next designs. Hugs Leo

Anonymous said...

wowsers tracey!


Anonymous said...

I love these thingys. I can't wait until you get to 5000. thank you

Anonymous said...

Tracey your latest doodle-dallion is wonderful again

CraftBoard said...

Great work, Tracey! I've already posted a link on my Multiply site and will do the same on CraftBoard.

Steve :)

Anonymous said...

Your doodle tiles are out of this world. Just so very beautiful. You
are a talented lady. I knew you could do it.
Your old friend,

Anonymous said...

Tracey I am so impressed by (and envious of!) your design talent! I can only echo Penny's comment 'What an inspiration!' Thank you! Joanne.

Unknown said...

Tracey, your doodles are fabulous, what an inspiration you are to us aspiring tea-tile designers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey:

Love your Doodle-dallion - fab as always. I will pass this link on to my group.

Your friend in Oakville!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful doodles :)

Anonymous said...

Tracey, these "thingies" you do are so cute!!!! I hope you get to 5000 soon!

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful!!!! Just found your site/blog after another crafter posted the addy. will be coming back often. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! They are frameable art! Can't wait to attempt making one!

Sonya said...

Omg..I have just spent hours browsing your blog and store! It is amazing. I just happen to stumble across you. How lucky am I. You are such an inspiration.
Love your work.

Just have a question, can anyone still see the doodle-dallion in high resolution that you mentioned in your blog candy? I would love to see it in other colours also.

I have bookmarked you and will be back to visit very soon.