Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy 10,000 and then some!

Whoa Nelly! That is completely insane (grin)! Thanks dear readers :)

Rosey Foldy Flower Card

A quick card. I found the background in PSP ( extra patterns when you register ;) ). The medallion is made with Basic Triangle Fold and it is two 5-tile medallions on top of each other. The tile and leaves are in the big 5000 Hits Challenge Download. I put yellow stickles in the center of the flower and glaze pen down the stem. Also notice, my printer and the black are STILL acting up :( LOL. This is one for my sweet Caileigh one of my Emma's friends and who I have looked after. They are going to have a "Mermaid Tea" at Caileigh's house... in 20 min... whooo I'd better get motoring!!! Chow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Was putzing this afternoon. I made a card... what a comedy of errors LOL! Printer partially printed the black letters. It's been so long since I've set an eyelet, I forgot how LOL and, in the process of "figgering" ( and my bad eyes), I put the front of eyelet in the back of the medallion and the glue (cuz I didn't get the eyelet in enough to hold to card - grrr)! Thank goodness the back looked like the front - just flatter. I glaze penned the stem and and sentiment ( in hopes of fixing up the hit and miss black). Leaves are put on with silicon so they stick out.

I plan to make a printable soon. I also have a "canned" template but it is for PSP ( you just edit the text), you can change background, and it has leaves as well ( I made leaf layer invisible and used the foldy flower leaves). I tried to save as PSD, so it could be cross-program compatible... no luck, I lost the ability to change the text so no luck sharing with Photoshop/Elements users, unless anyone has a tip ;) I will have to refresh my memory on how to make roundy text in Elements. OK I'll stop now, what a novel!!!

Butterdoodles are HERE.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Foldy Flowers PT 3: Pom Pom Dahlia by LILY STUBBS

Here is another way to use the foldy flowers. Lily Stubbs made this card for me :) It's a bookatrix with her Pom Pom Dahlia on it. The tiles used are anywhere from 1.5 to 2 inches depending on how big you want the flower to be... 1.5 " is the safest bet if you want to fit it on a standard 1/4 fold card. Lily says she used 18 tiles to make the dahlia.

Lily had me baffled and amazed for the longest time with this dahlia! Thanks to her great instructions, I think I can do these now ;) She also included a placement diagram ( to do steps 5 & 6)

EDIT: Lily wanted to add that you glue the individual petals onto the flower from the back ( back facing you)... in case you haven't figured that out. Thnx. :)

Please check Lily's SITE out, she is a very talented lady and, and, I believe, a pioneer in circle and multi-shaped tile folding! A true inspiration. I also drool everytime I see any of her punched and quilled creations!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Foldy Flower Instructions Part 2


Make 8 1.5" Tiles and 8 2" Tiles. Fold as per instructions in PT 1 using 8 Tile Basic Flower for each size tile. Put the smaller medallion on top of larger medallion. How simple is that ?! And looks so pretty. Thank you to Carolivy of CoC for the use of this card and the clever gal made the sheets too and has let me share them with you. Just print them out and "go to it" ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Foldy Flower Instructions Part 1

Here is part 1 of our look at the now infamous FOLDY FLOWER LOL! Suggested size to print your flower tiles is 1.5 to 2 inches. ( 4 - 5 cm).

There are many ways and means to print your tiles. I use ArcSoft Photoprinter 4 to print my tiles. I can drag and drop tiles from my image browser into the program's template and print only the tiles I need. With this software I can get 30 1.5-1.7 inch tiles on one letter sheet. And I can mix them up. It's also great for printing photos, collages, montages, labels, etc. There is a freeware version of this software but it has been discontinued. BUT..... if you are Googly it can still be found! Alas, it can be downloaded from Winsite HERE but who knows for how long.

Microsoft Word is also good for printing tiles, insert tile, size it, and copy and paste until you have enough tiles on your sheet.

Note: The above uses the Basic Square Fold. An alternative fold that can be used is the Basic Triangle Fold. You can do this fold using above instructions BUT where it says mountain fold, you valley, and where it says valley fold, you mountain fold... when you "squash" you will get a small triangle instead of a square. It will work just the same but you will be assembling the medallion in the opposite direction. Also, the triangle fold is the only fold that will work with the "Rosey" foldy flowers. More on that later ;)

Tea Bag Folding Guide

I am feverishly preparing some Foldy Flower instructions; easier said than done around here LOL! In the meantime, I needed a tea bag folding guide that I could share. So I made one. This helps keep your flowers tidy and symmetrical ;) Print as a full page, better yet on thicker card or photopaper then laminate, so you can just wipe the wayward glue off when your guide gets too icky! LOL TOU: You can print/share with others if you like. Just keep my info on it.

This one is for 5, 6 and 8 tiles. I can make other numbers if requested.

Monday, September 17, 2007

ATTN: Questions RE Foldy Flowers

I have been receiving many requests regarding the foldy flowers... what are they? how do you do them? I am going to try and answer some questions and revisit these medallions this week. I also have instructions from a very gifted friend of mine!

Stay tuned.... :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DIGI-FREEBIES: 5000 HITS - We Did It!!!!

.... and then some! LOL. Wow, over 600 hits overnight??? Thank you all for your support :) As promised, I am providing a link to the "digital candy" for all. It is a little bit of everything. I hope they might be of use to someone :) Here's to another 5000 :) (holds up a glass)

Please click the yellow link below to get the download, it doesn't show up too well on my blog and it won't let me change the colour LOL!

ZIP of Digi-Freebies DOWNLOAD

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank You Circle of Crafters!

Have you seen my counter lately???! LOL! It is nearly up to 4700! Woweee! I have feedburner set on this account and it is telling me where most of my hits are coming from! Thank you Circle of Crafters Board! I just joined and it is a lovely site with many card techniques to suit anyone's tastes. What a talented group... and big group! I'll be posting a few more cards from some very talented individuals soon. Stay tuned.

Circle of Crafters

Here are some thank you tiles and a Blue Dancing Daisy.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Don't give up on me, check back NEXT WEEK

I have been M.I.A. for a few days, as you have guessed LOL. I have a bug and have been tending to my sick daughter and dealing with the first week of school and different scheduling of my daycare kids. Please don't give up on me. My son is turning us into a birthday flop house for the weekend - imagine five 10 yr olds hopped up on cake, junk food and pop in a small enclosed LR with a PS2, several Nintendo DS's, an internet enabled computer, pillows and sleeping bags ... recipe for fun... and ADVIL! So, I hope to be back to regular posting next week.

I was supposed to be done with childcare on the 15th but it has now turned into the end of September, which is good as my new job's start date is Oct 11th.

Card by Avril Raynel

A reader, Avril Raynel sent me a scan of this lovely card. Well done! She is now the recipient of some more Foldy Flowers :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Card by Jackie Welch

My online friend Jackie Welch made this super card with one of my Flower Doodle-dallion sheets for a swap she was in. I love it! Thanks for showing me, Jackie!