Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Was putzing this afternoon. I made a card... what a comedy of errors LOL! Printer partially printed the black letters. It's been so long since I've set an eyelet, I forgot how LOL and, in the process of "figgering" ( and my bad eyes), I put the front of eyelet in the back of the medallion and the glue (cuz I didn't get the eyelet in enough to hold to card - grrr)! Thank goodness the back looked like the front - just flatter. I glaze penned the stem and and sentiment ( in hopes of fixing up the hit and miss black). Leaves are put on with silicon so they stick out.

I plan to make a printable soon. I also have a "canned" template but it is for PSP ( you just edit the text), you can change background, and it has leaves as well ( I made leaf layer invisible and used the foldy flower leaves). I tried to save as PSD, so it could be cross-program compatible... no luck, I lost the ability to change the text so no luck sharing with Photoshop/Elements users, unless anyone has a tip ;) I will have to refresh my memory on how to make roundy text in Elements. OK I'll stop now, what a novel!!!

Butterdoodles are HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Tracey,

I came have a look and I love the card you made with the butterflowertdoodletile