Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi All!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Just popping in between work! Just helped feed 36 ravenous children LOL!

Stuff has been out of the ordinary here.  My DH was away working for most of last month and for the past few weeks.  So I've been Mrs. Dad LOL! Lots of school projects, speeches and exams... and bugs!  Since Christmas I kind of de-railed for lack of a better word.  I'd sit at my desk ( when I had the time ) and nothing was coming.  Mind you I have ALOT of half finished projects and designs and reworked ones!  I finally completed a Valentine's image, but the  week and weekend got busy and I was unable to finish the files on time.

 As my Valentine's Day gift to you, I am posting the image in JPG in DIGI and pre-coloured for free until Sunday morning when I hope to get the "fully functioning" product with sheets and PNGs :).  After Sunday you will be able to find it in the STORE.  This limited time freebie also includes versions with no text on the heart.


You can  DOWNLOAD IT HERE :)  It's on 4Shared.com so you will have to click the PURPLE Download Now button and wait for the timer before you get a download link.

 Next week there is going to be another version with a square sign coming out as well.

I should have new designs up soon!

:)*  Fred