Saturday, May 28, 2011

CARD Hummingbird & Columbine

Hi!  Don't forget to travel and enter the FSS Blog Hop!  We are accepting entries until Friday June 3 midnight to win a great prize package ;).  The DT and guest designers did an awesome job :)    I know some of you have been having trouble leaving comments and having blog issues like not being able to log in or losing their followers widget.   Thank you for hopping with us and sticking with it when you had troubles.  Blogger had better get their act together and fix all these issues soon.  Currently I can't log OUT!  Which is probably good, just in case I am one of the lucky few who can't log in and post on their blogs!

I am still going through my card back log.  Here is one I made for my mama! ... for her birthday.

Image is Hummingbird & Columbine .

Have a great day!
:)* Fred

Friday, May 27, 2011


Welcome to the May 27th Fred She Said Blog Hop! I hope you will hop along with us and see what the Fred She Said DT have been up to and you will also get the chance to enter to win a great prize package!  While you are hopping we'd love to hear your comments :)  We also have 2 guest designers , Carol Lepard and Donna Smith!

We have some WONDERFUL sponsors for this HOP! 
Woohoo!  4 prizes... ONE lucky WINNER!:

Pizzazz APlenty  - prize package worth $15.00

Hold on to your hats! Check out that they got:  Charms, Ribbons, Laces and Trims, Cords, Twine, Dream String, Flatback Pearls, Flatback Rhinestones, Stickpins, Dritz Pins, Organza Butterflies & Flowers, Mulberry Flowers, Ribbon Roses, Padded Christmas Embellishments, and what everyone needs for picking up those tiny jewels or die cut pieces . . . . a Gel Picker, sometimes called a Rhinestone Picker or Pearl Picker! The packaging is simple, the products are quality, the prices are affordable.  Fred just has to ADD..."they have PEARL STRING!!!!" in all kinds of colours... Fred loves pearl string!

Custom Creations from Carolivy - 3 digital downloads

 from Carol: " I love to design both papers and other graphics to use in cardmaking or scrapbooking.  All of the graphic items purchased from me are Commercial Use unless otherwise stated.  (some of the Scrapkits and the Quickpages are Personal Use only).  I also love to work on Special Requests so if you have something you need designed, I love the challenge! "  Carol makes  wonderful papers and designer resources like frames and digital embellishments... she even has ... wait... digital pearl string!  :)

Bearly Mine Designs     - £15 gift voucher

oooh Donna's been cooking up more Digital Papers using Fred She Said images!  They are fab as are all her sets.  I'll fill you in a little further down this post.  Check out her Challenge Blog and see all the beeeoootiful cards her DT have made!  Also please check out all her wonderful digital paper sets at her STORE.  Donna, you are one busy girl! ;)

.... and, last but maybe not least LOL, $ 30 gift certificate to the Fred She Said STORE! :)

All I know is ONE lucky winner is going to have some shopping to do!

To WIN, each hop participant will have a special word, collect them up to form the secret phrase!  At the last stop of the HOP, there will be instructions on how to make your entry.    Blog Hop entry date ends Friday JUNE 3rd midnight EDT.

 Here is the list of Blog Hops in case you lose your way:

Tracey  ME HERE!


Carol L











FSS Challenge Blog  ME too

Here is my creation for the HOP:

There is a new girl in the STORE!  Emma The Skipper :)  She comes coloured and uncoloured. 

**TRUE STORY -  Emma has just discovered the joys of skipping!  She likes to skip and chant by herself on the sidewalk in front of our house... a few weeks ago, she came in the house scraped up and a big bloody scuff  RIGHT under her eye.. she had tripped and face planted onto the sidewalk! She messed up her wrists, knee, eye and then later discovered a nasty scrape we missed on the back of her shoulder! She nearly got a black eye but she healed VERY FAST!  Poor thing! She is still skipping though :) **

I used a fab digital paper from Donna's new FSS collab set, Summer's Roses Paper Set.

I also added some pastel yellow pearl string and sheer 7/8" mono edge satin ribbon ( daffodil ) and some lace trim.  Pizzazz Aplenty has pearl string and ribbon in all kinds of colours.  I am loving sheer ribbon and pearl string together.  ... ok maybe I am in a rut LOL!

Now here is my special word....   Flowers
Now please go to DONNA's blog!  ... and have fun hopping :)

:)* Fred 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CARD Hummingbird & Petunias

As I work my way through my backlog of unposted cards....

Here is the Wee Hummingbird & Petunias, one I made while I was designing the pre-coloured set.  Actually this one is a darker pink than the one included in the download.  I am showing here how I envisioned the print and digi to be used... decoupaged "off" the oval so the flowers and bird skim the edge of the diecut shape.  Just print and eyeball where you want the diecut shape be... so the flowers and bird are off the edge of the shape, cut and add  flowers and bird, that are extra on the sheet, adhered with foam tape/dots or decoupage glue.

Blog Hop... Friday May 27!  Be there or be square ;)  LOL  have a great day everyone!

:)*  Fred

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

News, Card, Freebie, Rosey & Nolan

Hey!  I thought I'd post on my blog so you know I haven't forgot about you ;)

I got a new pocket camera FREE with my Visa Rewards points ( Nikon CoolPix L22 ) and I just got around to unloading some photos off it.  I have a few cards I seriously need to post! LOL  Does that happen to you?  A backlog of card candy!!!

Anyhoo.. I will post some more as the week progresses. I found a quick "Man" card on there.  I love spending an hour or so, every once in a while, making alcohol inked backgrounds.  Great for fast cards or MAN cards LOL.  I wish I remembered what inks I used on this one CUZ I love it!:

I am going to hazard a guess and say Copper mixative, Raisin and Butterscotch or Sandal.  I made the Sentiment and you can snag it below ( PNG & JPG ) :)  Click to enlarge then save to your hard drive.

The warm mottled background reminds me of MORE photos I found on my camera...


She is all grown up now and her black/grey areas have added new warm browns and reds... and she has got quite polka spotty... and curly.  Rosey is a Shichon... half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu... and she is a good mix.  This photo was just after a haircut.

Here she is with one of her favourite humans, Nolan:
Boy and his Dog LOL


1.  PENCIL this on your calendars people!  BLOG HOP this FRIDAY MAY 27th!!  :D  And we have some wonderful sponsors offering some lovely pretty playthings to win :) 

2.  If you "have pretties" you sell and would like to sponsor an upcoming blog hop, please email me ( )

3.  And I know there has been issues with the CHECKOUT button on my store ( especially with Internet Explorer )  where it magically disappears if you have a FULL cart and have the page zoom set to anything past 150%. IT IS FIXED!  If you had problems and you happen to still have problems there are instructions in my STORE FAQ to get the checkout button back.

I found out it was a new BLOGGER template/cart conflict.  I reverted to an ancient blog template ( Minima ) to fix it until my file host fixes their cart problem.  So all should be good and hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Have a great day!
:)*  Fred

Friday, May 13, 2011

Coloured - Spring Flowers & Tulip Bouquet :)

I have finally got the Spring Flowers & PP Frame Set and Tulip Bouquet coloured... Yey! Took me awhile ;)  I am attempting to get some of my favourite  past digi pieces up to speed and offer a pre-coloured version.  Spring Flowers and Tulip Bouquet were requested and I am glad they did cuz I , IMHO, love how they turned out LOL!

Tulip Bouquet:

Spring Flowers & Paper Pricking Frame COL SET:

Have a great day!
:)* Fred

Friday, May 06, 2011

2 Hummingbird Sets

Hi all!  Now bear with me....2  yes TWO Hummingbird sets LOL!  I started the first, then went off in another direction then returned to the first ;)  I love hummingbirds they are so fun to watch.  ... and so pretty.

 Each of the above sets have the main image, the hummingbird and the "Petunia Trio".  The coloured set has 11 coloured hummingbirds and 2 sheets full of birds to print ;)  I modelled this cutesy hummer after the Winter Flying Birds Set.  I plan to make a Summer Birds version soon. Is there any particular bird you would like to see?? :)   I was sad to hear that Europe and the British Isles don't have hummingbirds unless they have escaped captivity... although they have hummingbird moths which are often mistaken for the little birds.

This one is a more realistic hummingbird: (edited to add store link )

Columbine are so pretty.  I researched and hummers DO come with blue and violet throats as well as Ruby-Throated... which are abundant around our feeders.  Now the other variety are quite a bit farther south and can't recall their names.  But just imagine hummingbirds coming in ALL colours, what a wonderful world it would be ;)

I'll have another release hopefully Monday.... I had requests to colour the Spring Flowers Set and the Tulip Bouquet.  So that is next on my list.   Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate it... although every day should be Mother's Day!

:)*  Fred

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sponsoring: Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge

Today Fred She Said is sponsoring the Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge ( #23 ) !!!   Really Reasonable Ribbon invited some of my DT to play along and generously gave them all ribbon packages to play with :)  All the RRR DT used my images for this challenge - I am truly honoured.   The RRR DT and the Fred She Said DT did amazing designs!  A $20 Fred She Said GC is up for grabs :)

I thought I would show what Michelle, Nancy & Anne made... all so beautiful!  Click their names to get more info on their projects ;)




Have a great day!
:)*  Fred