Tuesday, May 24, 2011

News, Card, Freebie, Rosey & Nolan

Hey!  I thought I'd post on my blog so you know I haven't forgot about you ;)

I got a new pocket camera FREE with my Visa Rewards points ( Nikon CoolPix L22 ) and I just got around to unloading some photos off it.  I have a few cards I seriously need to post! LOL  Does that happen to you?  A backlog of card candy!!!

Anyhoo.. I will post some more as the week progresses. I found a quick "Man" card on there.  I love spending an hour or so, every once in a while, making alcohol inked backgrounds.  Great for fast cards or MAN cards LOL.  I wish I remembered what inks I used on this one CUZ I love it!:

I am going to hazard a guess and say Copper mixative, Raisin and Butterscotch or Sandal.  I made the Sentiment and you can snag it below ( PNG & JPG ) :)  Click to enlarge then save to your hard drive.

The warm mottled background reminds me of MORE photos I found on my camera...


She is all grown up now and her black/grey areas have added new warm browns and reds... and she has got quite polka spotty... and curly.  Rosey is a Shichon... half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu... and she is a good mix.  This photo was just after a haircut.

Here she is with one of her favourite humans, Nolan:
Boy and his Dog LOL


1.  PENCIL this on your calendars people!  BLOG HOP this FRIDAY MAY 27th!!  :D  And we have some wonderful sponsors offering some lovely pretty playthings to win :) 

2.  If you "have pretties" you sell and would like to sponsor an upcoming blog hop, please email me ( fred.she.said@gmail.com )

3.  And I know there has been issues with the CHECKOUT button on my store ( especially with Internet Explorer )  where it magically disappears if you have a FULL cart and have the page zoom set to anything past 150%. IT IS FIXED!  If you had problems and you happen to still have problems there are instructions in my STORE FAQ to get the checkout button back.

I found out it was a new BLOGGER template/cart conflict.  I reverted to an ancient blog template ( Minima ) to fix it until my file host fixes their cart problem.  So all should be good and hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Have a great day!
:)*  Fred


Vicki said...

OHHHH I love what you have done with that background on your card Tracey!! Very manly! Thanks so much for the senitment...we can always use that one! Rosie is just a sweet dog!


Theresa said...

Thanks for sharing the birthday sentiment. Love the font on this.

Kelley said...

Thank you for the birthday sentiments. June is full of birthdays for me.

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing