Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I survived my 40th birthday! LOL

We celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday. Emma and Nolan presented me with this awesome card, both drew the pictures and Nolan inked and coloured it. It was so fun watching them in cahoots, heads together, drawing and collaborating.... freaking out when I would accidentally enter the room LOL! I received some lovely flowers and other things, and I didn't have to cook ( chinese food takout) and a Dairy Queen icecream cake that my hubby went 25 min. out of his way to get.

We do it all again tomorrow, Nolan turns 11! Tacos and video games, here we come.

Still sick and and I have this slimy goober floating around in my left eye, so I am one-eyed blurfing today!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nolan's Monster Card - Round-up

Thanks to all who have shared their monster cards. Nolan has loved everyone of them :) He has also got a kick out of where you are all from in blogland! I am going to keep this post near the top for a bit and will add new cards to the slideshow as we see them. I will keep a tally at the bottom of the post. If your card is not in this slideshow please leave a comment on this post and we will go nab it ;) A few have asked what is this little guys name. Well it is ... Gregrrry! Gre-grrr-y get it!? ha ha ha ha. Gregrry also has a little friend and will show him next week. Nolan is off to eco-adventure day camp with his sister this week but will be back to monster making after its over.

Email and reader subscribers may need to head to my blog to see this slideshow:

CARD TALLY: Drum roll.... 26 (as of OCT 13 - If I have missed yours please let me know)

Monster Verses: 9
'I'm only Goopy 'cos you drive me Loopy'
'I'm only Mushy 'cos you send me Gushy'
'Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I've turned to mush because I love you'

from Celia

"Gooo-d evening my Dear"
"Gooo-d to see you're feeling better"

From Tonniece

"Slime" head over heels for you!
"Slime" wishing you a happy birthday!
"Slime" so happy for you!

from Monica-moenica37

"You make me melty!"

from mel m. m. m.

TOTAL ( will be tallied until SEPT 1 k I lied): 35 last edit OCT 13