Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New stuff in the STORE

FYI Gift Certificates are now available via email order. See STORE for details. Give the Gift of Fred ;) (Sorry I just had to say that ROFL)

New things on the STORE! heehee -

Emma the Snow Angel Digi

Emma with Her Frills On- Digi

PreColoured - Fall Flowers & Paper Pricking Template Sheet

Ok the flowers nearly did me in... sorry no PNGs as erasing clean around all those flowery bits ... the thought made my brain do weird spins LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends. Oh how I would love to get in on another turkey dinner.. ours is in October. num num. God Bless!

:)* Fred

Monday, November 23, 2009

I interrupt the holidays with some...

Girly frills! .. and PINK!!! LOL Sometimes I don't know what I will come up with when I start doodling. This one is unabashedly girly, almost to the point of looking like a bridesmaid's dress gone wrong LOL. But it is what it is... cute! " Emma with her Frills On". I decided on 2 versions. One has her holding a bouquet of flowers and the other is Emma with empty hands and then there is a set of coordinating tiny Fred's Flowers to make a posey for her to hold :D Like in the card below.

For this card I used a digital paper I have recently made using a lacey brush I doodled. How fast can you say FREEBIE?? heehee hint.. click freebie! I printed a second Emma onto the printed paper and then paper pieced the dress and hat, the hands are hidden behind the flowers. I shaded the dress with a dark pink pencil. All colouring is with with pencils/OMS as well as the green background paper.... I roughly cross-hatched some greens and blended the pencil markings where it would show with OMS... great way to get a coordinating DP for your coloured images! The shadow around Emma is Caledon Green... I love this colour and it is one of the greens in my background. All glitter is Diamond Stickles on the lace, hat trim and scalloped border - I used flatbacked sticky pearls and a pink gem for the posey. .. and a whole whack of foam tape LOL.

"Emma with her Frills On" and another new wintery Emma will be available as digi's ASAP as well as a coloured Fall Flowers set. There will be a delay on coloured Emma versions. I am attempting to get over a sinus/allergy attack that started Sat. and basically laid me flat for a day or two.



I will be posting about this again soon, but I would like to draw your attention to a new group at Paper Craft Planet. I have created the all new Fred She Said group! Yahoo! I hope to make this grand central station for all things Fred. We are currently getting set up and I hope to plan something fun for December! I also have some other things planned that I am sure you will not want to miss ;) If you would like to join now, that would be awesome! Paper Craft Planet is a great place to showcase your cards, find out neat things, learn about new products and companies, see other peoples lovely projects, and meet new people. If you post a project using anything Fred, please add the tags FSS or Fred_She_Said to your image :) There is a lovely comment wall on the main FSS group page where you can pop in and say hi, or ask a question, or attach a card for us to see! If you have a card you have made and are not sure how to post it and want to add it to my customer FSS album, please email it to me and I will upload it for you along with your name. This applies to new emails starting today! So if you have emailed me a card recently, please send it again so I have your permission to upload. More info later.
You can get to the new group HERE:

Have a great day!
:)* Fred

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reminder - Samartan's Purse & Thank You!

Hi Peeps! I have been tallying up the donations for Samaritan's Purse from $2 of each sale of the Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Digi Set . I am also going to include in that donation $1 from the sale of the Coloured Version of this set :) It has been quite popular! All previous sales of the coloured version will be included in the donation. I made a cool meter and picked a total of $400 goal. If we reach that goal that would be awesome, if not... still awesome! Thanks to all who have helped so far :D I will be collecting until Dec. 25th. If you want to spread the word, that would be great :D I will try to keep this meter updated daily... it will be at the top of my blog.

Also this week is Drop Off week for Operation Christmas Child.

Please click the link above for more details and where you can drop off a shoe box for a child in need.

:)* Fred

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Please use this updated info!

Either use the old NEW Logo from THIS POST

Or grab my new blinkie code! :D While in your blog LAYOUT area, add a "HTML/Java Script" GADGET and copy and paste the whole code below and click SAVE. Then move the new gadget to where you want it in your blog layout, click SAVE.

NOTE if you are viewing via email or feed, this code box above might not show up ( the gif will show instead) ... please go to my blog to get it.

This is what the blinkie will look like:

Fred She Said Designs

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Please remove my badge from your blogs - WARNING

I am removing my blog badge from my blogs ( the one that has "want this badge?" written under the image). Please don't click on them I think you will be OK but just don't. The badge hoster ( appears to be under attack. If you have my badge on your blog please remove it. I will have an alternative shortly. Also I know many bloggers use this service... please check into it. It might be a false positive but I checked today, overrid my system warnings and the Word of Blog homepage wants to download a pdf file before it loads.. which triggers my antivirus. Please be careful and stay safe!

I dated this post so it will stay at the top of my blog for a few days.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,

Friday, November 06, 2009

CARD Red Poinsettia

I made this card with the Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Coloured Sheets and paper from the Christmas Papers 1 2009 pack. A cute little card measuring 4x4" . Before printing I reduced the image to 90% to make it fit the nesties. The flower center is "Flower Center" small craft punch, inked with distress ink, and gold ice Stickles and a gem. Just a little "plug" - I got my floral craft punches from Frantic Stamper... great to deal with and they have just about everything you need! The gold scallop is white CS painted with Krylon Gold Leaf Paint ( Short Cuts)... it is the same stuff as in the Gold Leafing Pen but in a small bottle, I picked it up at a surplus store for a $1 each... what a deal but does this stuff stink! wooooo! TIP, I used a cheap brush from my children's paint sets and I have found out that Krylon paint/pen you can clean up with alcohol hand sanitizer! Or Anirondak Alcohol Blending Solution... that stuff also rocks getting your dried up nib in your leafing pen flowing again :)

I also wanted to add what type of paper I used for printing. Well, the papers I use Epson Photo Quality Inkjet Paper... colours just zing on this! For the poinsettia I used Staples Brochure & Flyer Paper... it's 45 lb I think.. and matte..... looks like regular thin card stock, you can print on both sides as both are coated.. the colours and crisp printing are very good on this. I am sure this is their old ( can't find it now) Staples Matte Photo Paper... it looks like the same stuff and comes in a pack of 150 sheets so I am good to go for awhile!

:)* Fred

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lottsa Christmas Flowers and Coloured Poinsettias!

I just uploaded a hootinanny of things at the STORE!

5 Christmas Flower Coloured Sheets
one painted by our very own DT Carol L!
Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Coloured ( cuz somebody asked ;P )
And a quite different but very pretty Christmas Set called Candle Glow Christmas Flower.
That one has 9 coordinating papers and contains some lovely circular sentiments:

Wishing You Peace, Love & Happiness!
Joy to the World, The Lord has Come!
Jesus, Light of the World Shine Upon Us

Here are some cards made using the set.

Deets: This one is best on matte photo paper and with copious amounts of glitter! I use mainly Diamond Stickles.. it just had the right glow about it. I added the same stickles to the snowflake paper; this paper has a pale yellow glow in some of the larger snowflakes... really pretty. The blue glittery strip is light blue Doodlebug glitter on Sore-Tape. All the papers are included in the set. Martha Stewart Lattice punch, Fiskars corner punch, CB embossing folder, nesties scalloped circle, and I am really digging peel-offs lately. Which is good because I have gathered quite a stash and need to use it up LOL.

I am not done... but done in. LOL I am still not sick woohoo! I have a card half done with the coloured Poinsettia & Pine Boughs sheets on my desk. And some more digis up my sleeve... and the other things. Be back soon!

:)* Fred

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Alternate Stationery Fred She Said Badge

This is alternate badge/logo for Fred She Said Designs that is not a GIF.

Add the above image as a Picture in your sidebar and link the picture to OR however you usually do it :)

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,
:)* Fred

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Digital Tuesday Challenge!

Guess what? I am sponsoring the Digital Tuesday Challenge today!!! Guess what?! The theme is FLOWERS!!!!! woohoo woohoo! Get out your flowers people and make something pretty! :D A $10 Gift Certificate to the Fred She Said Store is up for grabs :)

I am making and cutting flowers on my desk, and have digitally coloured poinsettias cuz somebody asked, and I like to oblige ;) Also have a drawing of a snow angel Emma in my Painter proggy and finishing up a nontraditionally coloured christmas flower doodledallion set. Coloured Fall flowers and some coloured Emma and the Butterfly images ... FYI they are in progress, I haven't forgot.

I managed to get Emma off to school ( she is better yey!) and Nolan is home moaning and spreading his germs and I am trying not to catch them but have a tickly throat, headache starting and a wobbly tummy.... that isn't good is it? LOL Better get working just in case...

:)* Fred

Monday, November 02, 2009

I did it!

After I wrote the last post with the Poinsettia digi and the freebies... I scrolled to the bottom of my blog and lo and behold....

Woohoo woohoo! I turned 150,000 myself on my own blog ROFL! And I got to capture it for posterity... how cool is that? whew.... break time for me... toodles!

:)* Fred

Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Digi ( Samaritan's Purse)

Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Digi available HERE.

Someone asked me if I had a digital stamp version of the Poinsettia from 2008, I didn't like that outline LOL so I made a new one and a lovely pine bough back drop to go with it :) I am doing something special with this one....

*** $2.00 from every purchase of this product will go to Samaritan's Purse ( Canada Division)*** Please check out the Samaritan's Purse website to see all the awesome projects they are doing. If you can, please remember to make up a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child :) ***

There is 50 cents leftover... that is pretty much PayPal's cut. You gotta love them LOL! I will collect for Samaritan's Purse until Dec. 25th.

That is it for me today... but there is quite a bit more I need to finish and upload... so you might hear from me tomorrow LOL! ;)

Have a great day!

Winter Emma & The Chickadee & Freebies!!!!!

Here is a new Emma! Emma & The Chickadee. She is available as a Digital Stamp and a Set of 5 coloured versions. There are also some lovely coordinating Christmas Papers!

Deets: The 2 above cards used the digital coloured versions. The papers are from the Christmas Paper pack. I added Sakura StarDust Pen and Diamond Stickles here and there. The flower center is handmade using a "Flower Center" paper punch,walnut stain inkpad, stickles and a dewdrop. I so love making these so you will see more! The flower on the red card is digital that I cut out... see below's freebie!

OK so I am looking at my blog and as of writing I am literally 50 hits away from 150,000! Wow! So in honour, here is a little freebie. The flower coordinates with the Burgundy Emma and Papers. I am experimenting with making PNG Flower masks. You will see them in the near future :) The snowy papers I painted in Painter. Just click on the image below to get to the freebies!

Halloween & The Flu

Nolan did the design and did some of the cutting.

Hello Peeps! Be warned there could be a glut of product postings from me today and tomorrow... wellness permitting LOL! Design work got sidelined by a flu bug ( could be THAT flu bug) Emma got sick Wednesday. Then Nolan Saturday. I don't know if it is H1N1 but the news, etc. are saying that if you have flu like symptoms it is most likely the oinky one... 99% of tests are coming up positive in Ontario ( don't quote me though). Just got a call from Work work.. our school group is down to 8 kids instead of the normal count of 25-30 so that tells you something LOL! Nolan's friend's family has confirmed cases. I heard they also nearly closed a high school down an hour from us. The vaccine isn't available in our area yet... hopefully the 4th but it is for high risk groups only. No news on when general public will have access. But, ( on my soap box now LOL) a case of a little too late I fear.

Emma the Pajama Witch... she was feeling better but too sick to go out BUT Nolan went out with her bag so she wouldn't miss out. Still she wore her witch hat and alerted me when Trick or Treaters were at the door.
The day after Halloween... Nolan came down with it (cough and a bit of a temp at this point) What you don't see is that they each have gi-normous bags of candy on the floor. Not too sick to each junk... so Mom is not too worried... good sign LOL! Nolan is pulling a sick face... he was smiling albeit coughing after.

I'll be back.....