Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween & The Flu

Nolan did the design and did some of the cutting.

Hello Peeps! Be warned there could be a glut of product postings from me today and tomorrow... wellness permitting LOL! Design work got sidelined by a flu bug ( could be THAT flu bug) Emma got sick Wednesday. Then Nolan Saturday. I don't know if it is H1N1 but the news, etc. are saying that if you have flu like symptoms it is most likely the oinky one... 99% of tests are coming up positive in Ontario ( don't quote me though). Just got a call from Work work.. our school group is down to 8 kids instead of the normal count of 25-30 so that tells you something LOL! Nolan's friend's family has confirmed cases. I heard they also nearly closed a high school down an hour from us. The vaccine isn't available in our area yet... hopefully the 4th but it is for high risk groups only. No news on when general public will have access. But, ( on my soap box now LOL) a case of a little too late I fear.

Emma the Pajama Witch... she was feeling better but too sick to go out BUT Nolan went out with her bag so she wouldn't miss out. Still she wore her witch hat and alerted me when Trick or Treaters were at the door.
The day after Halloween... Nolan came down with it (cough and a bit of a temp at this point) What you don't see is that they each have gi-normous bags of candy on the floor. Not too sick to each junk... so Mom is not too worried... good sign LOL! Nolan is pulling a sick face... he was smiling albeit coughing after.

I'll be back.....



pinky said...

Always a good sign when they can eat something lol. Hope you all get well soon and avoid the bad bug!!

Anita said...

Awesome pumpkin! Glad that the kids could still enjoy the candy and hope they get well soon.