Monday, September 01, 2008

Nolan's Monster Card - Round-up

Thanks to all who have shared their monster cards. Nolan has loved everyone of them :) He has also got a kick out of where you are all from in blogland! I am going to keep this post near the top for a bit and will add new cards to the slideshow as we see them. I will keep a tally at the bottom of the post. If your card is not in this slideshow please leave a comment on this post and we will go nab it ;) A few have asked what is this little guys name. Well it is ... Gregrrry! Gre-grrr-y get it!? ha ha ha ha. Gregrry also has a little friend and will show him next week. Nolan is off to eco-adventure day camp with his sister this week but will be back to monster making after its over.

Email and reader subscribers may need to head to my blog to see this slideshow:

CARD TALLY: Drum roll.... 26 (as of OCT 13 - If I have missed yours please let me know)

Monster Verses: 9
'I'm only Goopy 'cos you drive me Loopy'
'I'm only Mushy 'cos you send me Gushy'
'Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I've turned to mush because I love you'

from Celia

"Gooo-d evening my Dear"
"Gooo-d to see you're feeling better"

From Tonniece

"Slime" head over heels for you!
"Slime" wishing you a happy birthday!
"Slime" so happy for you!

from Monica-moenica37

"You make me melty!"

from mel m. m. m.

TOTAL ( will be tallied until SEPT 1 k I lied): 35 last edit OCT 13


Mada said...

I was hoping there will be more cards by now, but I am sure they will be made soon.
The world needs more monsters! :D

I can't wait to be introduced to Gregrrry's little friend and for Nolan to come back and add new members to the Monster family.

Mada (from Romania)

BlueRose said...

I'm just loving the little monsters. I have really enjoyed the cards everyone has done up. Very nice.

Unknown said...

hi, wow i love your stuff, cant wait to get started with the downloads :) thanks for sharing them with us. what a talented little man you have ! its fab, well done
emma x

Leigh said...

My spinning friend Carol and I have been chatting about dyeing and she told me about your blog. I was just going to look around, because there is so much good stuff here, but I have to leave a comment, because I have a Nolan too. He's my youngest, 21 years old. It's not a common name, but I love it.

Tere Azua said...

I just found out about this little cute monter, I try to make a card today.

Tonniece said...

Hi there Nolan I made a card for you. Hope you like him.

Have a great day

Larissa said...

Hi Nolan (and mum)

I love your monster!! I hope you keep drawing these cute monsters because I really loved it. I made a card with it, so I guess your mum has to pay you another 20 cents. ;)

You can see my card here


Myrt said...

....very nice collection of cards there - looks like the "monster" was a big hit. Congrats Nolan!

Heather said...

Wow, a whole family of artists. Love your site (and the shop) Tracey.
The monsters are great Nolan.
I just keep coming back, because I always find something new to look at.
Cheers, Chara (from Australia)

Heather "Hev" said...

Hi Tracey and Nolan :)

Finally got around to doing my Gregrry card (my brothers name is Gregory - so I had a giggle at that!!)

I am posting my card now over at Vanilla Hev'n so please come over and have a look and copy the card if you wish too!!

Thankyou again Nolan - I will do your 2nd monster soon. Thankyou for allowing us to share in your talents :)

Hugs from Australia
Heather xx

Anonymous said...

I love the monsters, my grandson loves to draw them too and I love your foldy flowers, have just order the sets to have a go myself. The cards on the blog look such fun I know my family will love being given them. thanks for your hard work designing it all - hugs from England - Pat Warren

Anonymous said...

Thank you sio much for the latest freebie

Anonymous said...

Hi, just a quick note to say thank you so much for the newsletter freebie. I have only just bought some of your lovely folding flowers sheets and these will go so well with them, you are wonderful. Love your designs and the card examples on the blog are just amazing, you have a lot of talented readers as well as real talent yourself. Hugs from Pat Warren

Anonymous said...


first i would like to say thanks to both of you , to nolan for drawing such a cute image and to you for starting the challenge, as soon as i saw this cute little monster i had to play

Here is my finished card :)



Marcea said...

thankyou so much for this great image Nolan, I have had great fun making my card. You can have a look at it here


Carolivy said...

Hi Tracey! I love little Gloopy and finally found the time to play with him. I will definetly be making more cards with him and his friend Gregrry. I hope you like what I have done with Gloopy.

Carolivy said...

Hi Tracey, I was finally able to take a break and play with Gregrry. I really like these little guys. Nolan has done a really swell job and made MY job of making a card so much easier! Thank you Nolan! :->
Here is my Gregrry card:

scotspanda said...

hi tracy and Nolan,

I have made a card with Gregrrry it is here. Lily wants to do one too so will try and do it at the weekend :)


Amanda xx

Tonniece said...

I know I am totally late but here is my card.

I still own you one more.

MarikaGabez said...

Great cards.
Here is my cards .

Thanks for The beautifl image.