Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday... and a Dancing Daisy

Happy Monday! uggh. 3 more weeks left providing childcare, one more week until school starts and one of the babies came to my door this morning with a rip roaring cold! .... and so the cycle begins.....

On a happier note, here is a doodle design up for rubberstamp consideration LOL! My little happy dancing daisy :) Oh happy times.... and in a happy pink... do regular garden variety daisies come in pink? Alot must be said for artistic license LOL!

Fred shall attempt to make a card today.... she is at the whim of her daycare kids and her temperamental printer seems to be in the clogging mood as of late. This flower and my chocolate paper are beckoning me to "marry" them.

Have a happy Monday all!!

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Becky said...

Happy Monday (a day late) from one child care provider to another. I am just getting over a cold that one of my daycare kids gave to me. It sounds like you might be getting out of the child care business? Lucky you! I have to wait 3 more years and then my youngest will be in first grade.