Monday, October 22, 2007

Digi-Freebie: Doodle-dallion - Snowflake Flower

I made a snowflake flower today. It went really quick. This could be addictive, I see more snowflakes on the horizon ;)

My dear friend Penny made this sheet for my snowflake flower. She makes awesome sheets and cards, and folding instructions and .. need I say more! Love the verses, Penny! Please give Penny some love, at her WEBSHOTS or PHOTOBUCKET

I should have a hi rez available later this week plus more hues. It's a worky day tomorrow.


Totty Teabag said...

I love this one Tracey, and thanks to Penny too...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Tracey. I feel some Christmas cards coming on. Isn't Penny a wonderful dear woman? A lovely friend to have.

Anonymous said...

Wow another beauty from you Tracey. I agree Penny does beautiful sheets. Thank you for sharing this delight with us all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Linda Sutton said...

So lovely, thanks

mumtomanyuk said...

Your friend Penny is as awesome as you. I couldnt find her on photobucket, the link is invalid. I did find her on Webshot and joined but cannot work out how to print her stuff. Love your art. Started buying your flowers a few yrs ago. Love them. They are the loveliest flowers I have found.

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...


Thanks so much! Penny should be found at this photobucket link:

or here:

Webshots started to play unfair by only allowing real access to images if you are a friend of the user. I'd suggest doing a friend request to Penny through webshots... the link is to the right on the page "Make Friends".

thanks, Tracey