Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello All!

I wish everyone the best this holiday season!!! I have been quiet, I know. I took a bit of a hiatus, but I did get family cards made and did a painting of a beautiful golden retriever who passed away recently. I will show it once I have the files ready. I have not had time to play and draw but I hope to get revved up in the new year. I will be back to posting soon ;)

Here is a little tea bag folding tile I did a few weeks back. It is a flower, not exactly seasonal for Canada LOL. I am already tired of snowflakes and snow-tires and snow brushes and snow shovels. I am sure there are others in agreement with me ROFL.... unless, maybe, you are on the other side of the equator LOL.

Big Hugs to you ALL :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tile again! Being in Alberta, I am right there with you on the snow thing LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back and hope you had anice Christmas.... Very pretty flower thankyou :)

Hugs Heather (C of C)

Vaughnde said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing! May the rest of your week be full of Good Cheer and Family FUN! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tile! Thank you for sharing. We are getting too much snow here in Utah too. I am soooo jealous of everyone in the Southern Hemispere (i.e. Australia, New Zealand, etc) enjoying their summer.

Happy New Year!

Jen (CofC)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Tracey. I love this tile, so fresh. Thank you.
Durham Lass (C of C)

Unknown said...

Oh so beautiful! TFS!