Monday, January 28, 2008

Magic Colored Pencil & New Designs

Fred is happy! Fred will have new rubber designs available soon. Here is a one of the designs ( printed but same size ). I will show the sheet soon ;)

Did you know that you can colour inkjet prints with colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits - and the inkjet print will not smear! heehee.

The blossom, oval and spikey oval are all black and white and colored with the Gamsol Magic or Magic Colored Pencil technique, the purple and beige oval and backgrounds are digital and printed. I love the prismacolor pencils and OMS... they are so vibrant in RL and create a nice sheen against the matte CS ( you blend the pencil with blending stumps dipped in OMS). I also moulded the petals and leaves for a more 3d effect. The white and pink dots are Sakura Souffle Pens.


Anonymous said...

I am loving this bloom....and the color purple!!!! I print all my stuff, but may hafta try that technique

valita said...

other beautiful work of art Tracey i love all your designs...Valita

Anonymous said...

that is fabulous - you have me lost regarding the coloring what are mineral spirits?!?