Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stamp Designs - Preview

I have just received notice that my new stamp designs are up for preview at Stamp Attack ! These are unmounted rubber sheets of the finest quality. FYI, they are A5 sized sheets ( 148mm × 210 mm or 5.8" × 8.3" ) Thank you Wiki-pedia LOL! I have a hard time getting all those A4's A5's, etc. straight.

The stamp sheets will be available in March at Stamp Attack and possibly from me in the near future ;) The owner of Stamp Attack, Carol Clements is a wonderful lady; please check it out, there are many beautiful stamps to be had and you pay the same low price postage for multiple sheets, I have my eye on the leaves, and the flourishes!




trulyblessed said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Love, love, love them....sure hope they are available in Canada soon -

Anonymous said...

well done! The doodles are just gorgeous.... never mind Canada when can I get my hands on them?!?
off to see if posts internationally.
Congrats again you must be chuffed to see them in print.

sheffsue said...

Love your stamps...on a very limited budget but are on my wish list..more hints to family I think!


Jilly said...

I love them they are wonderful.

I hope you don't mind but i have tagged you, please check out my blog


linda said...

I keep checking but the stamps still say "Available in March". Can you tell me when? I love all your artwork and have been a fan since the introduction in a CoC thread.

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

thanks, Linda :) I am not sure exactly when the stamps will be ready but will announce it as soon as I know anything.

TN Granny said...

What wonderful news for you Tracey, Woo Hoo! You deserve it your designs are wonderful and fresh and everyone compliments me on my cards when I use your images.
Thank you again for a great website.