Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I was tagged by Jilly ! I don't know much about this tagging business and I don't personally know many people who blog and the one's that do would virtually thump me if I did LOL! BUT I will answer the questions CUZ they look like fun. Now if anyone thinks I am shirking on my tagging responsibilities, then good. Then I will be seen as not a good tagger and will likely not be tagged again ROFL! Do check Jilly out, she has made some awesome cards and is a sweet lady!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I would be a new mom to my son. Probably freaking out... I also started providing childcare that year. I also was introduced to my first Windows PC and design software, I loved PrintMaster and CreataCard!

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I was babysitting a ton of kiddies and experiencing burn out.... umm the whole family was experiencing burn out LOL! Was probably in the middle of a snow storm this time last year LOL!

Name your 5 favorite snacks

1. French Fries - chip wagon or new york fries but fave is McDonalds
2. Chocolate - Dairy Milk or a really good dark.
3. Thin crispy bubbly potato chips
4. Maple Sugar candies and lollipops.
5. Toffee Glazed Donut from Tim Hortons

Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire

1. Invest it and live off the interest.
2. If I was rich enough ( I would give a good portion of the yearly interest to my parents and inlaws and families in need around me ).
3. I would give another good portion of the interest to charity.
4. Get a larger house, a family room out of the way of earshot plus a craft room would be ever so lovely. We live in a small 1100 sq ft. house ( that is total no basement) and are always on top of each other LOL! An extra bathroom would be GRAVY!
5. Hope after all that there is enough interest money to live off of LOL oh and the a papercraft shop and supply it with beautiful things!

Yes, I am too cheap and thrifty to spend the actual million LOL

name 5 things you like doing

1. Drawing and designing
2. Playing with the stuff I drew and designed
3. Internet.... completely addicted... I have met so many wonderful people and have been introduced to so many cool ideas/ techniques and made many friends.
4. Hangin wih the family and enjoying our wonderful area... cottage country with many lakes, scenery and hiking trails. This summer I won't be tied down to sitting on babies... I am heading out on adventures with the kids and my camera!
5. TV I am a couch potato. "Survivor" , " American Idol" , "Two and a Half Men", anything on Space , Discovery or HGTV Channel.... and my boyfriend George
Stroumboulopoulos if I can stay up that late.

Name 5 things you would NEVER wear again

1. mini skirt
2. granny boots
3. Wear contact lenses.... I think they helped do my eyes in but I won't go there.
4. Maternity clothes.... OH My Heavenly Father, I hope not!
5. a bikini ... see #4.

Name your 5 favorite toys

OH FAVE question... I do love toys. need more than 5 - I'll try to be good.

1. Computer and my graphics softwares. Painter is the most awesomest of inventions.
2. My Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet ... would be #1 but need #1 to plug it into LOL.
3. My paper.... I have always had a love for big piles of paper!
4. My glitter pen and my glittery glues and potions and paints.
5. A toss up between my new Cuttlebug and my George Foreman Grill or my Ronco Rotisserie oven. I love to cook and hoard kitchen gadgets! I have a whole upright cabinet full of kitchen appliances.

OK thats all of it, and if you are subbed to my email feed, sorry for the long diatribe LOL!

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