Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Plight of a Six Year Old

Our Emma, she does not stand a chance... as she tends to be the focus of my non-flower doodles lately! ( See Emma the Mermaid post and will be available soon ).

Poor Emma... is losing her teeth faster than they are coming in LOL! She has had a dangling tooth at the top for over a month and after it goes, she will be pretty much toothless on top except for the molars LOL. Now the story goes, a few weeks before Emma had the very prestigious honour of being our niece's flower girl at her wedding, I was affectionately joking with Emma that when she smiled, she looked like a jack-o-lantern. How cruel of a mother am I ?! Well, our dear Emma ( who looked so beautiful on the wedding day I will add ) took well over 3 hours of photos with the wedding party smiling but never showing a tooth! Our poor Emma now has a complex. I have tried to tell her that Mommy thinks her nearly toothless grin is gorgeous. Here is the sweet thing in her finery... beautiful!

See? LOL Well last week I started doodling reminiscing about Emma who has enjoyed grabbing our same niece's kitty ears and kitty mits and crawling around the house meowing. LOL! And I just had to add the one wiggling tooth at the top! Also, Emma has a touch of a lisp which is NOT being helped by her tooth situation. And now may I present, Emma the Cat:

Please give Emma soft candy this Halloween... or the ones that will melt in the mouth LOL!

Here is Emma after colouring Emma.... and the tooth for posterity.

Emma is not happy about mommy's one toothed mouth doodle - 'I have more teeth than that, Mom!'. But that is too bad ;) Cuz I love it.


Mada said...

Aww! Your daughter is gorgeous! In her flower girl outfit she looks like a fairytale princess.
Her smile is awesome with or without all the teeth.
You are a blessed mother, Tracey!

Emma the cat is fantastic and I regret not having Halloween over here so I can use her on many many cards. But when the Mermaid will be released I won't miss it. :)


Tonniece said...

What a living doll she is. I love children in wedding parties, they are just so sweet all dressed to the nines.

I see you have 2 very talented children, and that Emma the cats is too cute.

Happy Monday

sheffsue said...

Emma is a real star....managing a beautiful smile without showing her teeth...(or lack of them)
Love Emma the cat...but we don't celebrate halloween much over here in England.

Anonymous said...

Emma is just Gorgeous in her dress - LOVE them!! And of course your sketches are awesome too!!

Anonymous said...

Tracey, your Emma is a cutiepetoetie-girlie. Love her photo's with the smile.