Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catchin' Flakes - in the store!

Catchin' Flakes is in the store now. There are 2 colour versions ( the above is the other version with the red hat) with varying backgrounds, digital stamp outlines, and a paper pack. Please check the bottom of the listing for special bundled price :)
Catchin' Flakes Product listing HERE

*Also, if you have any witty or cool ideas for verses, etc. for this image, please add a comment here, if I like any, I will create and post a sentiment freebie! Or the peeps can just use the submissions for ideas for their own cards :)

P.S. I kept it simple and didn't add PDF's just jpegs, if you are buying and are heartbroken that I didn't include the PDF files, please email me after your purchase and I will email you the PDF's as soon as I can. Thanks :)

Have a great day!

:)* Fred


Anonymous said...

Snowflake Sentiments:
Snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven.

Children are like snowflakes. No two are alike.

Ready, set, snow!

Take time to chase the snowflakes.

Flakes 5 cents

Star light, star bright, wish upon a star tonight.
Let it snow and snow all night, so school's let out by morning light.

Flurries forever.

Did I hear someone say snow?

Snowflakes are beautiful, pure and white
and like God's children, no two are alike.

A snowy winter brings a plentiful harvest.

Snowflakes wanted!


Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Thanks Colleen! those are gems.

Here is another one kindly sent to my email:
A poem, Snowflakes
Snowflakes falling from the sky
When I looked up one fell in my eye
Another fell upon my nose
And then they fell upon my toes
Oh what fun it was to see the
Snowflakes falling all around me
I stood quite still,
Put out my tongue
And the snowflakes melted one by one
I swallowed hard and laughed with glee
Knowing I had snowflakes inside of me

Poem by Sue Slogrove