Wednesday, April 01, 2009

100,000 Hits: Candy Winner!

Ok I am going to do this as I am writing this post. oooh how exciting! LOL.

Drawing method. There were 52 comments made. I wrote the comment number and the name on strips of paper, folded them up and, carefully put them in a bowl, and mixed them up REALLY GOOD :) Those random integer thingies... I don't like them!

OK .... and the Winner is..... Comment #6 Ivolina!

Ivolina , please email me and I will give you the details of your winnings!

Thank you all for playing! Emma the Mermaid & Friends digital stamps and some flowers should be up for sale by the end of today. I will announce it as soon as it happens ;)

:)* Fred ( who is off to find some lunch in the fridge )

1 comment:

Baukje said...

Congratulations Ivolina, and thank you Tracey for the opportunity to win some candy.