Monday, May 18, 2009

the Nolan... just an update and a freebie

"the NOLAN"

Nolan ( 11 yrs ) made me this cute Mother's Day card, while he was at Sunday School. He wanted me to mention he that his supplies weren't the best ( dried up markers and dull pencil crayons) LOL! But his little version of himself is so cute... inside it says " ... From your Little Clone"... love it. There is also the obligatory blurb about promising to wash dishes, bathroom, making bed, putting away stuff and helping his sister. THEN he puts in parentheses ( results may vary, depending on amount of time required). ha ha.

Between his mad fits of Lego building " up in his room", he is working on character development, creating characters for another comic. He has taken to doing much of it on his digital tablet he received for Christmas. He continually gets better with his hand/monitor coordination... it takes a while, I know! He will have a blank page and an hour later... there will be about 15 cute little creatures on it. I keep needling him to make me some for digital stamps. I am HOPING LOL.

Here is the Nolan

Last month I asked Nolan to make an illustration for his Grandad's birthday card. This is what he thought up LOL! This is Nolan's freebie to you ;) If you like it, please click on the image to enlarge then save to your hard drive.

From Nolan & Me... Have a great day!



Anita said...

Nolan, your card with disclamier is just what my kids do. I love your image with cake on fire. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.

thread-bare said...

Nolan, can I borrow you lol!! I can't even get my kids to even make the promise xx Thank you for your freebie xx

Gill said...

Nolan that's a fantastic image. I do hope that's not your hair on fire too!!!!!

Micki said...

Wow, Nolan that is a great image. I'll be sure to share what I create with this image.
That is awesome that he is 'into' digital drawing. I wish I would have started way back when, lol.... I'm still working at it :-)

Thank you so much for the freebies.

KellyRae in Coolidge, AZ said...

Nolan, love your Mother's Day card...your Nolan-cartoon looks very mischievious! Thanks for the digi download. My DH's last birthday cake looked like that (we've got 8 grandkids so we both need a LOT of candles on the cake).

Leslie said...

Nolan your card is awesome! Thanks for the freebie I know I'll use it a lot.You have a unique style.

The Wired Angel said...

Well! First I loved Nolan's monster and now I am VERY impressed with his talent... he's a natural and it's obvious where he gets his talent! 'Love the cake on fire.

Anonymous said...

the clone eh? scary to think of two of you!!! will he teach me how to use this tablet thingy?


Jaspere said...

This image is adorable.

Anonymous said...

super fun! thanks!
Pam Going Postal

Karin said...

Nolan, thanks so much for your fabulous freebie! I've just used it for a card, if you are curious, just look here:

Greetings from Vienna, Ausria