Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Pick Me Up #2 DEC 14

Happy Monday! There is a new freebie to PICK UP. This time a little paper pricking pattern.

You can get the full size version HERE . :)  ( UPDATE JUNE 2017 LINK FIXED)

Thanks so much for all the wishes for Rosey, she is less drooly from the antibiotics this morning.. very peppy... but still piddling in the kitchen...arggg! I hope this goes away and not a new behaviour of hers to get attention ( like stealing socks and making you chase her). oh puppies. She is getting her first haircut today... I will blog before and afters.

Happy Monday! :)* Fred


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Tracey for your freebies, I love them all

Conniecrafter said...

Thank you so much, maybe I can find a way to use it on my Christmas cards, I need some new ideas!

Sandy O said...

Oh My Gosh, this is so nice. Totally different from any other digi I have seen. Thank for the wonderful freebie

Maureen said...

Thank you for your lovely freebie. Look forward to using it.


just grabbed this paper piercing template...thanks so much!