Friday, June 25, 2010

TUTORIAL using Digi's with FREE PrintMaster Express

Hi Peeps!

I have been wanting to do this forever and show you this neat little program I use that you can download off the internet called PrintMaster Express.

I use it to create a sheet layout that can contain everything you need on ONE sheet, your digital stamp ( even change the colour of the stamp outline), digital papers (resize and crop them to the exact size you need), even add a customized sentiment in your favourite font.  You can even Paper Piece by adding a PNG tranparent background stamp over a digital paper or a coloured swatch or oval you create. 

You can also IMPORT all your favourite digi's and papers ( any TIFF, PNG, GIF or JPG image) into the empty ART GALLERY and organize them anyway you wish.  ( I'll have another tutorial on that later )

You can download PrintMaster Express HERE.

Here is my introductory video:

This is an older program so PLEASE make note of these:
-The sentiments gallery, animated greetings, internet and web features ( add images from no longer work as the internet links no longer function.

-This program was developed for Windows 98/2000 BUT I am running a Windows 7 PC and it works fine.  But I suggest before you started changing an existing font on your layout that you save first.  I was on one machine and the program went POOF.. it might have been an issue with the font itself but better to be safe!

This is WINDOWS only.  No Mac version BUT I think you can purchase Print Master ( FULL of images and new features) for as little as $10.  This software can still be purchased ( windows too ) through  really cheap and you get tons of images, etc with it. 

- I like this free version as the gallery is empty! And your digital stamps won't get lost in all the other images ;)

I will have more tutorials on the various features soon!

:)*  Fred


terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I'd love some help with png files that everyone is using - they become garbage when I save them on my computer. I don't understand all the layers stuff I guess. Maybe focus the next tutorial of print master on that?!

Carol Hurlock said...

Traci, I learned something today and cannot wait to try this software. Thank you so much for that. Really appreciate it!

Maryann Laursen said...

This just looks sooo great Tracy, thank you sooo much for this tutorial and the link for the program. I´m normally really computer retardet, but this I think, even I can manage to use LOL, so I´m gonna give t a try, that´s for sure.
have a great week-end.
biiig hugs Maryann

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Tracey! This program looks great for what we do with digis!
Hope you don't mind if I tell all my friends!
True :D

Christine said...

Thanks Traci, I have Windows 7 and only just started to use Digi Stamps. Your tutorial has helped me to understand how to resize easily and to put more than the image on the same sheet.
I will download this software and can't wait to give it a try.
Christine xx

Terry said...

Can you still get PrintMaster free? I went to the site and it is now a charge item. I downloaded it when you first posted - and LOVE it - but my system crashed and I want it again. Any suggestions? I really liked the part that it was a program with NO other items in the files, so it was all my stuff. Love your site! Thanks!

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Terry, I sent you an email :)