Thursday, February 03, 2011

New in the STORE

Hi!  I have 2 new sets in the STORE:

1. Ornate Cut Out Butterfly DIGI & Cutting File Set

-the Ornate Cut Out Butterfly Set includes BOTH Cutting files ( SVG/MTC/GSD )  and Digi's ( that is more delicate than the cutting file).  I seriously can't stop playing with this one :D

2. Tattered Rose Spray & Scalloped Lace Heart Set - cutting files

    _ this set has cutting files( SVG/MTC/GSD) that is just a whole BUNCH of stuff! - 2 petal shapes ( one has lovely tattered rips on the edges of the petals), a leafy branch, rosebud, stamen, scalloped lace heart, scalloped heart backer & a Scalloped Heart CARD shape you fold.  The cutting files are in singles and sheet groupings so you can complete a whole rose spray from one sheet.  I have also included a printable sheet using the non-ripped "plain petals" and leafy branch that can be cut out by hand. ( if you are an intricate cutter! LOL)

I'll have more info on the project images on this post later this week.

Have a great day!

:)*  Fred


XxJULESxX said...

wow i have to have them just stunning!!!!!!

Unknown said...

How beautiful!! So delicate!