Friday, March 04, 2011 the STORE

Yey new stuff to play with :)   All in THE STORE.

Apologies to y'all and to my DT... I am running late.  Let's just say this took me longer than I expected LOL. 

Lenten Roses - Hellebores... a request!  Digi and Pre-Coloured... wee!

And I had my heart on a series of Angels.  This angel spoke to me... she said I needed a good helping of Patience.  I tell ya, this girly gets frustrated super duper fast... I am God's work in progress.  I thank Him every day for putting people and family in my life that have the patience to put up with this one who has "None"  ;)  Anyway, Patience hovers quietly and calmly and waits.. she rocks.

You will notice a fairy wing version.. well this, my friends is version one.. I took it to the DH and he told me.. "those are NOT angel wings, those are fairy wings"  well I was going for cute perky peppy wings... OK I obliged him.. thus 2 versions. 

 and 12, yes, a 12 coloured set.... yes, it was a long week grin!

...oh and some sentiments to go with the angels and some verses that also spoke to me:

... more on the way.. I am NOT done yet.  Have a great weekend!

:)*  Fred


Jaspere said...

Wow! Tracy these are adorable. Super cute take on Emma.

Pops x said...

Loving the angels sweetie, hope your well hugs pops x x x

Darlene said...

Great work as usual Tracey.Breath deep keep your cool.


Jess's Crafty Things said...

I love these new flowers Tracey

xashee's corner said...

just wanted to say thank YOU for creating and sharing such AWESOME designs!! i just bought 4 items and really am so impressed with the BEAUTY of your creations and HAD to say THANX!!!! Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!

Debbie said...

Someone on used one of you images on a Christmas card, so I just had to check out your other images. I fell in love with every single one. Can't wait until pay day. I am so glad I stopped by.