Monday, November 12, 2012

More Christmas things!

Hey all! I just added a couple of things to the store :)

Snowflake Paper Pricking Pattern Set:

This PP pattern includes some PNGs that have transparent openings so you can layer images underneath.   This can be done in MS Word, OpenOffice, or any graphics software that supports layers and PNG transparency.   Here is an example using Snow Lady - Light Up Your Holidays image :)

This next one was a long overdue request from a friend " umm Tracey?  Can you make a poinsettia with jagged edges PLEASE? "  After much whining a succumbed LOL!

Pointy Poinsettia Flowers ( comes in Pre-Coloured  and as a DIGI/CUTFILE set)

 This example was laser printed and coloured with NeoColor II watercolor crayons and a waterbrush.

Have a great week!


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