Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Fat Santa Speed Paint

 Hey all!  How is the Christmas shopping going?  eeek, don't ask me!

Just a speed paint coloring demo using Corel Painter, a Wacom tablet and "Little Fat Santa" .  The only brushes I used were a Basic Round to color ( from the Tinting brushes) and a Grainy Water for blending ( Blenders category) .. and an Eraser LOL.  

Yes, I misspelled a word... can you find it? LOL I am trying to brush up on my video editing skills... forgot so much and what I did know - it was not ALOT!   Next time I'll make a speed paint video a bit more speedier ;)

I'll be back in a bit... have a few new cards to upload :)  Have a great weekend!

:)*  Fred

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