Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring Design Team :)

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am here to announce the Fred She Said Spring Design Team!  Thanks so much to all who applied for the Fred She Said DT Call :) 

Joining us for the Spring Term are:

Maureen K. Russell  .. welcome back, Maureen!
Judy McKay
Linda Weber

who will be joining a bunch of wonderful girls :)
Janet Kay

I hope to have new designs soon.  I thank my Design Team and customers for their patience!  It has been a challenging new year full of bumps and hurdles and grieving and even celebrating!

Sadly, we lost my husband's dear Mum and our kids' wonderful Nanna, Lorrie on January 16th the day after the DT call went out.  At the time we had just started renovation chaos, and had to scramble to make room for out of town family!   Currently, bedrooms have been displaced in our wee 1100 sq foot home to make room for new flooring and paint upstairs.   I  have my son's mattress in the only floor area in my studio/office.  There are boxes, furniture, and junk everywhere - not many places to move LOL.  My husband and I have been basically unemployed for the past few months, so seeing each others faces so much ( in this mess?), well you know... it has been challenging LOL.  Blessedly and miraculously, we have managed to financially stay afloat :)  I am slowly getting a few days of work here and there as the Teachers work dispute is sort of settling down.  Dave & I were just blessed with another great nephew this week!  Congrats Jay and Tasha & big brother Kolten!

OK ... I am off to get my new DT members settled in and get some stuff in the store!  Have a wonderful day!


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Anne said...

Congratulations to the new team, you will have a blast with FSS!
Tracey I am sorry for your loss, my condolences to you