Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New in the STORE: Growing Together

Hey all!

I have a new set in the store.

First a little story on how it came into being ;)

This one started as a digital painting I did on my iPad.  I used a really awesome scruffy brush to make the outlines of the flowers.  I looked at it and said to myself, " I'd really like to try watercolouring that".  So I converted the painting to a black and white outline plus adding a bit of the canvas texture from the painting into the outline.  I printed and then watercoloured and loved the look.  I'll show another day :)  Well the project grew and grew.  I made individual flowers,  digitally coloured 33 of them in all LOL.  Then thought that it needed a bee .... and a dragonfly... and a "painted" backdrop.   .. oh my goodness!

I think it is as done as it's going to get LOL.  I love the mixed media feel of the flowers and the background. :)   .... and the versatility.. make your own scene... pop a flower here and there on your projects! 

"Growing Together"

- I embellished the flower heads and bee wings with rock candy distress glitter glue.


Pre-Colured Set

I am working on more seasonal projects, I promise :)  I should have a few out by the start of the weekend.

Have a great day!

:)* Fred

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