Friday, November 08, 2013

Winter Denial

Hey all! 

I think I am in "Winter Denial".  LOL.  

I have been obsessed with giving my butterflies "homes" lately.  I have dozens of coloured and cut out butterflies and have been wanting to put some of them on cards. They make excellent note cards or for any occasion.... well except for maybe WINTER LOL.  The background of this card was made from cuttlebug embossed white card stock and melted crayons.  I did the background ages ago. I just love it and need to do this again :) I wish I remembered what colours of crayons I used, at least a blue, aqua, green and a white that were melted with a mini iron and a heat gun.  I need to try this with a snowflake embossing folder :)   The "pink"  granular bits on the butterfly is crystal stickles that is actually green in the light.  It photographs so weird.

Well, I will have to face the facts that winter is here.  We have the snow tires on and had our first snowfall that "stuck" last night.  Farewell butterflies until next spring!

:)* Fred


Linda W. said...

Oh I love this card Fred! Where would I find the tut to do that backgrd.

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Hey Linda,

I think I was experimenting at the time. There is a tutorial on SplitCoast Stampers in the tutorials section called "Melted Crayons" and I found this video that pretty much sums up the process:

Michelle Pearson said...

simply gorgeous! I LOVE your butterfly and BACKGROUND