Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welcome and Christmas Tiles

Welcome to my blog! I am "Fred", actually it's Tracey Miller but have had the nickname, Fred since a child. It is a wonderful name, more folks should be named Fred LOL!

I hope to offer goodies here from time to time. I enjoy drawing and doodling little creations and here is one for the upcoming holidays. I am an avid "teabag folder" and have designed this tile for a specific fold, "The Picture Teabag Fold" also known as Double Diamonds Fold arranged in a "Starflower" formation. What you get is the full poinsettia in the center with "leaves" radiating around it. I hope to show you the final medallion once I get a card completed.

The second tile here is useful for card backgrounds.

If you use the tiles or anything from this blog, I'd love to see what you have done with it ;) Comments are VERY WELCOME!

Merry Christmas!

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