Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coloured Snow Angel & Christmas Rosey!

Available in the STORE! ( Great for those need a quick card moments LOL)

Christmas Rosey - this set includes both Digi outlines AND Precoloured versions, cute sentiment, and Ready-to-Print decoupage sheets.

Emma The Snow Angel Precoloured

I think I have come to the conclusion of my Christmas designing escapades! And nearly last minute too yikes! Little Rosey is not in the Christmas spirit at the moment... she just started antibiotics for a bladder infection and she is not agreeing with it. She is a drooly sweaty mess! I am in contact with the on call weekend vet and hope this yucky feeling of hers passes... she looks nauseated like dizzy me blech ! LOL.

:)* Fred


Carolivy said...

Oh Tracey! These are simply adorable! I do hope Rosey is soon feeling perky and mischeivious again.

Leslie G. said...

SNow angels! They are adorable!

Unknown said...

Beautiful as usual Tracey, just bought my little Rosey. Hope she's feeling better soon, poor thing.

America said...