Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Rosey


I said I was going to show some before and afters of Rosey's first haircut. Her beard got a bit red stained from the drooling and the wetting of her food while she was first on antibiotics. But still a cute little button.


Here's a video... we found her bed at Deals surplus store for $9 and a rubber chicken. She is in love. Narrating by Nolan. LOL

I am working on some christmas cards. I hope to get photos later but I'm in a time crunch. We are heading to the grandfolks for Christmas tomorrow morning :)

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!
:)* Fred


Pop's Cards said...

AWWWW i have just had my 3 cut right down to the skin almost they look so weird and now it is snowing they are shivering, i thought i would get it done now so they dont get mucky with being wet in this weather and now i am regretting it, they look so cold lol, big hugs and if i dont get another chance have a great holiday big hugs Pops x

Sandy O said...

LOL, she is just adorable, thank you for sharing her hunting skills with us

Margaret, said...

Awww what a cutie she is ,.
Have a lovely Christmas Tracey and for all the lovely work you have shown and done during the year i have enjoyed being a follower of your site.
I hope to inprove my work since i have just got my Promarkers.
Margaret Scrappy cards

Linda Peterson said...

What a darling dog!

Shirley said...

Rosey is so cute. Loved the video, too. It's adorable how much she likes that rubber chicken. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all your inspiration.
Shirley L.
Roseville, CA

Karen W said...

She is just adorable, I would love to dog sit her, wish I was closer!! What a lover.

Hanny said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures of Rosey with us.. she is adorable and looks very cute after her first haircut.. I lost my dog in June and I miss her so.. sharing these pictures so makes me want to get another one.. Have a great Festive Season and THanks sincerely for all your shares throughout the year.. hugs Hanny Western Australia

Hanny said...

Just managed to get the video to play..seems she really loves that chicken hehehhe .. great narrating Nolan.. I think you will have a great career in movies one day ..
hugs Hanny - Western Australia.

Sonya said...

Too Cute! She looks great, puppies have that special quality to wrap you around their furry little tails! Like children they grow up too quickly!

Ori said...

LOL...to be honest I like Rosey's old haircut!! She looked like a dog rocker :-D

...my first time visit, and I love your blog!!