Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Old Truck

Hi everybody!  I have ONE yes ONE new goody in the store LOL!  I hope to have a few more this weekend.

  The Old Truck Digi & Pre-coloured Set

oooh I love this truck!  And I have a little treat for you :)  I am slowly figuring out my new video editing software and captured a digital painting in progress!  It is sped up I don't paint that fast LOL  The techniques I used are basically the way I do it in real life with pencils and OMS.  Enjoy!

Blog Hop tomorrow morning!  woohoo!  Have a great night all!

:)*  Fred


Rosella said...

Just bought this fantastic image! THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please come to my house and teach me how to do the coloring and everything else that you do that is so wonderful? I love it.

Seongsook Duncan said...

This is a great image for masculine card! I love pre-colored set so I can make many cards for our heroes easier. I already ordered. Thanks for great job!

Unknown said...

Loved watching you work!
True :D