Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DIGI of The Week! 40% OFF

 Every week we will pick one of our favourite digi products and offer it at a special price :)

This week ( Aug 24) I have chosen  The Favourite Flowers Digi BUNDLE.  I have taken 40% OFF the price.  It was already a ridiculous price at $8.00 for so many digi products; now get it at an even more ridiculous price LOL!

GET ALL 5 Favourite Flowers Digi Products for $8.00 CAD ( Save $2.00) DIGI of the Week 40% OFF( now $4.80 )


I should have a new project out this week to showcase the Digi if the Week, so stay tuned ;) I just bought a new laptop ( a convertible Tablet PC - one which you can draw on the screen :D ) It has been occupying my time getting it ready with software and updates. This week, hopefully Fred will get enough MOJO to churn out some new designs. I have been battling fatigue and brain fog, nothing is staying in the old noodle! LOL I had a second sleep study done with a CPAP machine, was that fun, NOT! Next week, back to the DR to see where my b12 and Iron are at and see if the tests show I have a gluten sensitivity. Round 'n round the merry go round LOL!

Also, thank you to all who have responded to the DT CALL. I am taking applications until August 30 so there is still time to apply :)



cristinoel said...

Thank you, oh, so much! This is such a lovely set.
I have been working on getting every one really, but this was too good to pass up!

Jennifer McGee said...

Already purchased this set before it was the Digi of the week! I love and use it all the time, Thank you so much.