Monday, June 23, 2008

Announcement - 3 Blossom Kits are ready

I have finally finished the Fred's Flower Blossom Kits. I added 5 more papers to make it a total of 8 patterned papers per kit. Colours available are Blue, Pink and Purple. Details at the STORE. I am also making the flower sheets available individually for those who don't want the papers, but if purchasers change their minds and then want the full kit, there will be important info in the download email ;)

The blog candy is still open until Wednesday midnight... who am I kidding... you will have until Thursday morning I am not staying up till midnight ;) (and the kits will have the extra papers) wink wink.

I spent all day getting these ready, Blogger was quite flaky today!!!! So I am done in and going to bed :) If you notice anything odd/wrong with anything, I lost my marbles at about 3pm! Please let me know and I will fix whatever it is as soon as I can.

As you were! Fred says night night.


Joanne said...

Just GORGEOUS! Your backing papers are fabulous - and perfect for the flowers. Much, much more than worth the wait!! DH is away this week - playtime!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! Placed an order this morning and I have been coloring
and cutting non-stop. Everything is just beautiful!!! I can't believe all I have to work with. Thanks so much for your wonderful creativity. Gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely new sets - I've just purchased all three. So much fun to play with. Can't wait for more coloured ones! Cheers, Irene Lowe from Melton West, Victoria, Australia

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Stunning designs! I'd love to give you an award, if you don't already have it: it's here :0) Thanks for the astounding inspiration!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

I would love to ask you a business question but I can't email you because my outlook never works. Would you please email me at so I'll have your e-ddress and I can write you? Thanks! :0) P.S. Thanks to Nolan & his AWEsome monster I discovered what is now my favourite technique EVER. I'd also love your snail address (or any address you can share comfortably to get mail to you) to send him a thank you.