Monday, June 02, 2008

Thank you - Donation Total for Canadian Cancer Society

Thank you to all who purchased the Daffodil Cardfront Kit. $1.50 of each purchase went to the Canadian Cancer Society. The total in purchases last month was 61 x $.150 = $91.50!!! Thank you again, so much!

Here are some screenshots of the transactions and donation. Silly me made a mistake and requested receipt by mail, so I don't have the official receipt yet, I hope this will do.

Please click images to enlarge.

The last day of this drive was May 31 st. Two years ago, on May 31st, I lost my grandmother, Flossy to cancer. She was my world and we miss her terribly. We love you Gramma.


Paula's ponderings said...

well done!! A lovely thing to do, use your creativity for such a worthy cause. Your grandmother would be so proud!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Great cause. I go door to door canvasing. It's so important. And what a beautiful picture. :0)