Monday, March 23, 2009

FSS- Bunneh's are up at the STORE

This cute little bunneh! is up at the STORE. There is a digital stamp version and coloured versions. If I get time tomorrow, I plan to have a few freebie coordinating Easter papers :)

I got more up my sleeve but that is all I could muster to get finished today LOL! I was away for the weekend; I hope to catch up and have more goodies by the end of the week :)

Have a great day!

:)* Fred


Mada said...

Awesome colouring! I had to have it and now it's being printed. :D

Thank you!


Anita said...

Adorable bunny!

Holly Young said...


sheffsue said...

So cute...just had to have him...or her.

Sue x

Mada said...

Me again... :D

If you wish to, please stop by my blog for a minute, there's a blogging award waiting for you in there.
Hope you'll enjoy it!


twinkletoe said...

I just love your web site and all your papers and digital stuff. I am new to digital and wonder which printer you would recommend as mine is a Dell and useless. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Oh tracey what a beautiful rabbit and such gorgeous colours. brillant