Friday, May 06, 2011

2 Hummingbird Sets

Hi all!  Now bear with me....2  yes TWO Hummingbird sets LOL!  I started the first, then went off in another direction then returned to the first ;)  I love hummingbirds they are so fun to watch.  ... and so pretty.

 Each of the above sets have the main image, the hummingbird and the "Petunia Trio".  The coloured set has 11 coloured hummingbirds and 2 sheets full of birds to print ;)  I modelled this cutesy hummer after the Winter Flying Birds Set.  I plan to make a Summer Birds version soon. Is there any particular bird you would like to see?? :)   I was sad to hear that Europe and the British Isles don't have hummingbirds unless they have escaped captivity... although they have hummingbird moths which are often mistaken for the little birds.

This one is a more realistic hummingbird: (edited to add store link )

Columbine are so pretty.  I researched and hummers DO come with blue and violet throats as well as Ruby-Throated... which are abundant around our feeders.  Now the other variety are quite a bit farther south and can't recall their names.  But just imagine hummingbirds coming in ALL colours, what a wonderful world it would be ;)

I'll have another release hopefully Monday.... I had requests to colour the Spring Flowers Set and the Tulip Bouquet.  So that is next on my list.   Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate it... although every day should be Mother's Day!

:)*  Fred


Vicki said...

Tracey these are just gorgeous! I will be using these quite a bit. Your coloring is amazing. I can't wait for the Summer Bees too! You had asked for any other types of birds...I absolutely love watching the cardinals and the yellow goldfinches...Would you consider?


Lori m said...

Absolutely Stunning, such detail and care on both sets, your passion for hummingbirds and designs shines in these. :) Lori m

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love these and the colors!

crotnem said...

Where do I find the realistic hummie to buy??? I've looked everywhere.

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

I edited post to add link to the Hummingbird & Columbine. Thanks for the heads up!