Friday, May 13, 2011

Coloured - Spring Flowers & Tulip Bouquet :)

I have finally got the Spring Flowers & PP Frame Set and Tulip Bouquet coloured... Yey! Took me awhile ;)  I am attempting to get some of my favourite  past digi pieces up to speed and offer a pre-coloured version.  Spring Flowers and Tulip Bouquet were requested and I am glad they did cuz I , IMHO, love how they turned out LOL!

Tulip Bouquet:

Spring Flowers & Paper Pricking Frame COL SET:

Have a great day!
:)* Fred

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Shirley said...

Tracey, We just returned from the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands and visited Keukenhof Park where there are 7 million tulip bulbs planted. Gorgeous site. So I had to get your lovely flowers. Thanks for drawing them.
Shirley Lee