Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dancing Daisy Card + Digi-Freebie

Yes, I know, Fred has been lax in posting. I made this card, it took me a good part of 2 days LOL! Good old Tracey usually has to overthink and stress and fuss over cards, that is why I don't get many done ( that and the need for a chunk of good uninterrupted time which doesn't happen with a house of 5 year olds, toddlers and a 10 yr old son who is constantly asking for the computer - and FOOD).... is this a problem that any of you face, not the kids, but overthinking cards? It could be that I am a perfectionist; if I can't do it perfect or how I think it should be, I tend to "not do it" or procrastinate LOL. Part of my overthinking may stem from lack of a good variety of crafting supplies... My philosophy was bred from a lack of extra monetary funds.... make do or make it up yourself. If I have my computer/digital tablet/paper and a printer full of ink... I am a happy girl .

Anyhoo.... card details:
2 prints of my Dancing Daisy ( then 3d decoupaged the flower and leaves, they are bent and angled.)
Print of my Luscious Chocolat digital paper.
Print of a beige striped paper I made in PSP.
Black CS for matting.
Made a cream strip in PSP and used QK Paige font to create Happy Birthday.
Some pink jewel flowers.... that fell off my DD's Dollarama hair clips - HONEST! LOL.
Polka-dot ribbon.... from American Crafts

All the pieces were put on one sheet of paper. I HATE wasting paper. LOL Thus, I have made a digi-freebie with all the elements I used. It is US letter-sized and background papers are sized for a 1/4 fold card.

Dancing Daisy Card Printable DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

I love this card, today is the first time i have been on your blog and think its fantastic, just had to make this card.
thank you very much for sharing
x x x x

mi sello personal said...

Your work is really beautiful,i love this card.

Phoenix said...
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Phoenix said...

Dear Tracey, thank you for sharing. I have only found it today and made this card.Look my card here!

Susan said...

is this daisy available as just a free digi stamp (no color)?

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Hi Susan,
The digital stamp version is for sale in the Dancing Daisies Set:

It isn't free.