Friday, November 06, 2009

CARD Red Poinsettia

I made this card with the Poinsettia & Pine Boughs Coloured Sheets and paper from the Christmas Papers 1 2009 pack. A cute little card measuring 4x4" . Before printing I reduced the image to 90% to make it fit the nesties. The flower center is "Flower Center" small craft punch, inked with distress ink, and gold ice Stickles and a gem. Just a little "plug" - I got my floral craft punches from Frantic Stamper... great to deal with and they have just about everything you need! The gold scallop is white CS painted with Krylon Gold Leaf Paint ( Short Cuts)... it is the same stuff as in the Gold Leafing Pen but in a small bottle, I picked it up at a surplus store for a $1 each... what a deal but does this stuff stink! wooooo! TIP, I used a cheap brush from my children's paint sets and I have found out that Krylon paint/pen you can clean up with alcohol hand sanitizer! Or Anirondak Alcohol Blending Solution... that stuff also rocks getting your dried up nib in your leafing pen flowing again :)

I also wanted to add what type of paper I used for printing. Well, the papers I use Epson Photo Quality Inkjet Paper... colours just zing on this! For the poinsettia I used Staples Brochure & Flyer Paper... it's 45 lb I think.. and matte..... looks like regular thin card stock, you can print on both sides as both are coated.. the colours and crisp printing are very good on this. I am sure this is their old ( can't find it now) Staples Matte Photo Paper... it looks like the same stuff and comes in a pack of 150 sheets so I am good to go for awhile!

:)* Fred


Carolivy said...

Oh Tracey! This card is simply Outstanding! What a gorgeous card to recieve at Christmas! Wow!

Maggie said...

Love the poinsettia & pine boughs and also what you do with everything you create. Can I borrow your brain for just one day? LOL
Oh, and thanks for the info on the paper!

Margaret, said...

Oh Tracey , this card is lovely so so bright , , yes i buy a lot of card paper from Staples its just very good quality
Margaret scrappy cards

Marie Bingaman said...

Ooooooo, what a gorgeous beauty! WOW!!!