Friday, July 10, 2009

Saving INK using MS Paint

Hi everyone!

Please meet Carol Lepard! I have recruited her as a guest DT to help introduce ideas to help you get more out of using your digital designs.

"Let's Get Digital" people! LOL This week Carol would like to introduce a simple way of saving your precious inkjet ink ;) She has decided to use MS Paint ( that poor neglected app that came with your Windows operating system).


But you can use this technique with just about any graphics editing software. Mac users, feel free to chime in on what you use, is there something free that came with your Mac?

Next time, in two weeks, I would like to show you how to save PAPER. Only want to print a few flowers, or put images from different products on one sheet to print? Hopefully I can take care of that!

Have a great day!

:)* Fred


Lynn said...

Great idea, I'm going to give it a try. Thanks.

Lynn X

Shirley said...

a great tutorial from Carol. Thank you ladies.